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Surname Butkerat - Meaning and Origin

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Butkerat: What does the surname Butkerat mean?

The last name Butkerat is thought to originate from the Czech Republic, where the name is a variation of the name Butkert. The potential root of this name is the Czech word “but”, which refers to the springtime budding of trees. This suggests that the literal meaning of the name is related to spring or new beginnings.

The name is one that is still quite widely used throughout the Czech Republic and further afield. The name is thought to have been passed down many generations, with its roots likely stemming from the Bohemian region. It is likely that at some stage the spelling of the name changed from Butkert to Butkerat, a common occurrence over the course of several centuries due to limited records.

The name is associated with passion and energy and the traits associated with it often include creativity, communication and intelligence. As well as this, individuals with this name are often known for their hardworking and dependable nature. They have a tendency to be determined and resilient in the face of adversity.

The Czech Republic still produces modern day figures with the Butkerat name, many of whom are talented entrepreneurs. Some Butkerat’s have achieved great success in the sporting world, such as professional footballers and climbers. In the modern era, the Butkerat name continues to bore fruits and is a testament to the strength of its original roots in the country’s history.

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Butkerat: Where does the name Butkerat come from?

The last name Butkerat is most commonly found in countries that were once part of the former Yugoslavia. The last name is especially common in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and the Republic of Macedonia. It is believed to have originated in Serbia; however, it was most likely spread to the other countries due to migrations. The last name is not very common outside of these countries, though it can occasionally be found in countries that have significant populations of people of Yugoslavian descent, such as Greece, Austria, Germany, and South Africa, for example.

Butkerat is an interesting last name, as there is no single translation or meaning of it. It could mean any number of things, from a type of character trait to a geographic location to simply a family name. The most likely meaning seems to be a combination of 'butk-', which means 'lock', and 'arat-, which means 'ring or circle'. This suggests that the Butkerat family may have a significant military history, as the idea of a 'locked ring' implies protection or fortification, which would have been a valuable trait in wartime.

Overall, the last name Butkerat is most common in the former Yugoslavian countries, though it can be found in other countries as well. The origin and meaning of the name are unclear, though the most likely interpretation is that it originates from military fortification.

Variations of the surname Butkerat

Butkerat is a Germanic or Hungarian surnamed derived from the Middle High German words ‘butken’ or ‘butzen’, which mean ‘to beat’ or ‘to sound a bell’. In Hungary, the surname is sometimes spelled as Butkera, Buksar, Butzker, or Butkara. In some cases, it is also spelled Bukser, Botskar, Budkser, and Buchzker. In some cases, the surname may also be found in records as Boushkar, Bojczar, Borsker, Boutkhara, and Boushkera.

The surname is also found in other Germanic countries such as the Netherlands and the United States, where it is usually spelled as Butkert, Botskart, Botskere, Boutsker, and Bukske. In some cases, the surname may also be spelled Butzart. In the United States, the name may also be found as Booser, Botser, Boosker, Buskert, or Boskert, all of which come from the same root.

In some cases, the surname may also be found with slight variations in spelling such as Boetscher, Buetscher, Bottcher, Boetschert, and Buttscher.

Some of the variants of the surname are also used as a first name, such as the only known example of the name Butkera from the Netherlands.

The plural and diminutive forms of the surname are Butkerts, Butkector, Butkers, and Butkotech.

Although the origin and specific meaning of the name remain unclear, it is assumed to be related to occupation due to its root words.

Famous people with the name Butkerat

  • Krit Butkerat: a contemporary Thai-author of many popular novels about modern Southeast Asian life.
  • Narong Butkerat: a prominent Thai-architect who designed the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok.
  • M.A Butkerat: a Muay Thai martial artist who fought in the 70s and 80s.
  • Bongkot Butkerat: a famous Thai-singer and television personality.
  • Chonlawut Butkerat: a renowned contemporary Thai-painter.
  • Ladda Butkerat: a well-known professional golfer.
  • Noppadol Butkerat: an acclaimed Thai-sculptor and performance artist.
  • Tawan Butkerat: a popular Thai-actor who has appeared in many films and TV series.
  • Chatchai Butkerat: a highly acclaimed contemporary Thai-poet.
  • Poom Butkerat: a renowned Thai-entertainer and YouTube personality.

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