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Surname Butkereit - Meaning and Origin

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Butkereit: What does the surname Butkereit mean?

The last name Butkereit is believed to be of Germanic origin. Records indicate that people with this surname can be traced back to the 17th century in the Lower Saxony state of Germany. This indicates that it is likely the surname has an ancient Germanic origin, with the root of the name being "Butker", found to be a variation of the common name "Büttker".

“Butker” is derived from the Old High German word "buocare", which translates to "messenger", implying that Butkereit is an occupational surname, referring to a person who was employed as a messenger. Alternatively, it may derive from the Old High German words "beute" ("booty") and "krītan" ("to cut"), suggestng that Butkereit could also be an occupational surname, denoting someone employed in the division of spoils after a victory in battle.

Distribution of the Butkereit surname mainly extends throughout Germany, although there are also some people with this surname living in other parts of Europe, such as France, Poland and the Netherlands. Despite the rarity of this surname, it has managed to maintain its presence in the public record for centuries, thanks to its ancient Germanic roots.

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Butkereit: Where does the name Butkereit come from?

The last name Butkereit is thought to have originated from Germany and can be traced back to the early 1700s in East Prussia. Today, Butkereit is most commonly found in Germany, Poland, and Russia. In Germany, Butkereit is most commonly found in the Saxony and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern regions. In Poland, Butkereit is concentrated in the Pomeranian and Kujawian-Pomeranian Voivodeship regions. Meanwhile, in Russia, Butkereit is mainly found in the Kaliningrad Oblast region, especially around the towns of Gusev, Chernyakhovsk, and Yantarny.

Although these regions are where Butkereit is most commonly found today, some descendants of the Butkereit family have immigrated to other countries. There are a number of Butkereits living in the United States, particularly in Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Similarly, there are also a small number of Butkereits in Canada, mainly in Quebec and Ontario.

Butkereits in the United States and Canada are usually descendants of immigrants who moved to these countries during the 19th century and early 20th century, typically to escape persecution or for economic opportunities. While the last name Butkereit is less common today than during its peak in the 1700s, it is still present in many parts of the world, and will likely continue to be so for many years to come.

Variations of the surname Butkereit

The surname Butkereit is derived from the Old Germanic personal name Buthker, and is of ancient German origin. It is mainly found in Northern and Northeastern Germany, specifically in the states of Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony.

Variants of this surname include Butkering, Butkerete, Butkerett, Butkereide, and Butkerey. Other spellings include Bütkereit, Bütkereid, Bütkerete, Bütkerett, Buttereat, Butterid, Butterit, Butteritt, Butteridt, Butterat, Butterait, Butterait, and Bundyett.

Surnames derived from the original Butkereit include Bütker, Bütke, Bütkötter, Isenberg, Jantzen, Jütte, and Mittermaier.

In addition to the variations found in Germany, the Butkereit surname can also be found in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and parts of Scandinavia. All of these have slightly different variations on the spelling, including Buttkereit, Buterite, Buterit, Buterit, and Buteritt.

The archaic form of the surname, Buthker, is an occupational name for a spectator or messenger, and is derived from the Old High German word "buochon," meaning "to watch." This surname was most likely used by those who worked as messengers between noble families or kept watch during periods of unrest.

In some cases, the Butkereit surname may have been an altered form of another surname. One example is the surname Buchler, which has been documented as being changed to Butkereit in some cases.

Overall, the Butkereit surname is derived from an Old Germanic personal name and is mostly found in Northern and Northeastern Germany. Its variants, spellings, and derived surnames can be found throughout Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia.

Famous people with the name Butkereit

  • Uwe Butkereit: German cook and author
  • Sarah Butkereit: German theater actress
  • Markus Butkereit: German football goalkeeper
  • Beatriz Butkereit: Mexican photographer
  • Gisella Butkereit: Argentinean sculptor
  • Anne Butkereit: French opera singer
  • Chris Butkereit: American basketball player
  • Kerstin Butkereit: German journalist
  • Olof Butkereit: Swedish painter
  • Patric Butkereit: Canadian poet

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