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Surname Cakmakci - Meaning and Origin

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Cakmakci: What does the surname Cakmakci mean?

The last name Cakmakci is derived from a Turkish word meaning ‘maker of arrows’.

It originates from an occupation steeped in history. Arrow makers were one of the most important artisans of the Ottoman Empire, supplying arrows to the army from Constantinople to Baghdad.

The arrow makers were highly respected craftsmen, skilled in forging metal and caring for hardwood shafts to make arrows that had little deviation in trajectory and could accurately strike a target at great distances.

Not only did the arrow makers craft their own tools but they also offered their services to maintain arrows for local militias and sometimes made arrows for confident hunters.

A Cakmakci was known for his skill and the quality of his arrows. It was said that they could make arrows so light that even the swiftest warriors could match their enemies for speed and accuracy. This craftsmanship gained them a great reputation and admiration from their customers.

The name Cakmakci is a reminder of the culture, skills and hard work that went into their craft. It is a symbol of the respect and honour that was granted to the arrow makers of the Ottoman Empire.

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Cakmakci: Where does the name Cakmakci come from?

Cakmakci is a surname originally found in Turkey, particularly within the Anatolia region. It is still commonly found in this region today, particularly in the cities of Istanbul and Ankara. However, it is also present in other parts of the world due to migration. According to an ancestry report, people with the surname Cakmakci are mainly found in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, and some other European countries.

In the U.S., there are over a thousand people named Cakmakci. The state with the most Cakmakci residents is Texas. Other states like New Jersey, New York, California, Florida, and Georgia also have a significant amount of Cakmakcis. In the U.K., the last name Cakmakci is found mainly in the English and Scottish town of Glasgow, and the London Borough of Newham, though there are also some other spread-out records of the name in other towns and cities in the U.K.

In Germany, Cakmakci is mainly found in the states of Berlin, Hamburg, and Gottingen, whereas in France, Cakmakci is primarily found in Paris, Marseille and Lyon. In Austria, Cakmakci is mainly found in Vienna and Graz, and in some other states, such as Styria, Lower Austria, Carinthia, and Tyrol as well.

In summary, Cakmakci is a surname originally found in Turkey, particularly in the Anatolia region, though it is also found in other parts of the world due to migration. It can be found in larger numbers in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Austria, France, and some other European countries.

Variations of the surname Cakmakci

There are several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Cakmakci, such as Cakmakçi, Čakmakčić, Jakmakčić, Djakmakčić, Tjakmakčić, Chakmakčić, Čakmakčič, Chakmakci, Chakmaki, Chakmakie, Chakmakis, Chakmocki, and Chakmokci.

The surname Cakmakci was derived from the Turkish word çakmakçi, meaning 'seller of flintlock guns'. In Ottoman Turkey, çakmakçi was a Turkish occupational surname given to those who made and sold flintlock guns. It was also used to describe a particular type of gunsmith or armourer, and those who worked in related professions.

Cakmakci is a surname of Turkish origin and is found mainly in Turkey, Macedonia, Greece and Bosnia. It is also an ethnic surname shared by many ethnic groups including Muslims, Jews, Orthodox Christian, and Roma populations, as well ‘Ouzouks’, an ethnic group of Kurds and Turks living in Thrace.

Variants of the surname can also be found in other countries where these ethnic populations have migrated, such as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia, as well as in most countries of the European Union, including Germany and the United Kingdom.

The spelling and pronunciation of Cakmakci can also vary depending on the language and dialect. In some countries, particularly in the Balkans, Cakmaki, Chakmaki, Chakmokci, Čakmakčič and Djakmakčić are the more common spellings.In the Turkish language, the pronunciation has been anglicized and ‘ç’ is often replaced with ‘ch’, as in Chakmakci.

In other countries, such as Greece, variations include Chakmakis, Chakmocki, Chakmoki, Jakmakčić, Cakmakçi, and Čakmakčić. In Germany, variations include Chakmaki, Chakmokci, Tjakmakčić, and Chakmacki.

Many members of the Cakmakci family have changed the spelling of their name to fit a more modern standard; for example, Jakmakti is often written as Jacmakti, and Djakmakčić is written as Dyakmakčić.

Famous people with the name Cakmakci

  • Burak Cakmakci: Professional basketball player on the Istanbul BBSK in the Turkish Basketball Super League.
  • Ismail Cakmakci: Former pro football player who played in the national team of Turkey, represented by other clubs as well, including Manisaspor and Besiktas.
  • Osman Cakmakci: Turkish industrialist and entrepreneur, owner of several famous businesses such as Teknotek Software, Mipo M.&C. Venture Capital, and East Logistics.
  • Esma Cakmakci: Turkish singer and songwriter known for her rendition of classic and modern Turkish music.
  • Salim Cakmakci: Turkish film director who has worked on many acclaimed short films such as Özlem, and Death is My Life.
  • Burak Cakmakcioglu: Former professional football player for the Galatasaray, Manisaspor, and Göztepe clubs.
  • Necmi Cakmakci: Turkish swimming athlete who competed in international meets and professional ranks.
  • Ali Cakmakci: Istanbul-born music producer and active member of the Turkish contemporary music scene.
  • Huseyin Ali Cakmakci: Former professional football player from Turkey who competed on the European and domestic levels.
  • Serdar Cakmakci: Turkish swimmer, competing in international events since 2004.

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