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Surname Cakmakli - Meaning and Origin

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Cakmakli: What does the surname Cakmakli mean?

The last name Cakmakli is of Turkish origin and is derived from the word “cakmak” which means churn, referring to a butter churn. It originated in Ottoman times as part of the name given to those who were involved in the production and trade of butter or other dairy products. The suffix –li added to the end of the word indicates a patronymic surname and is often used to denote family connection to someone or something.

Cakmakli is a common Turkish surname, and many who bear this name still have connections to the dairy industry in Turkey. To this day, people who have this last name still practice traditional dairy methods, such as making cheese and yogurt in the traditional manner from the local feral goats and cows.

Additionally, Cakmakli is a name of distinction. Starting in 16th century Ottoman times, the name was often given to those who were important in the court. Those who had high noble titles, such as Aga, Pasha, and Mamaluk often were awarded the title of Cakmakli, further highlighting their importance and strength of character in the court. As a result, Cakmakli is a unique and prestigious name.

Those with the last name Cakmakli are connected to a long and honorable history. They are tied to the richness of the dairy industry and the strength of those who have embodied the concept of leadership. The name carries with it the essence of a proud and influential population.

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Cakmakli: Where does the name Cakmakli come from?

The last name Cakmakli is most commonly found in Turkey. According to the 2017 Turkish census, over 400 people with this surname were living in the country.

The majority of Cakmakli's living in Turkey are located in the largest cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Bursa. Istanbul is the most common place of residence, accounting for nearly 40% of the Cakmaklis in the country. Additionally, the majority of Cakmakli's are Anatolian-Turks and practice Islam.

In some other countries outside of Turkey, a few individuals with this last name can also be found. During the 19th and 20th centuries, many Turks emigrated to other countries in Europe and Central Asia. This immigration likely led to the disturbance of the Cakmakli surname outside of Turkey. For example, in Iraq, there are an estimated 10 individuals with this name, while in Germany, there are an estimated 2 individuals and in the United States, there are an estimated 5 individuals.

The origin of the Cakmakli surname is not known, but it is likely of Turkish origin. The Cakmaks are one of the many different and ancient Turkish tribes that established communities all over Anatolia. It is possible that the Cakmakli surname is derived from the Cakmaks tribe. Regardless, the last name Cakmakli is most commonly seen in Turkey today.

Variations of the surname Cakmakli

The surname Cakmakli is of Turkish origin, derived from the word “çakmak” meaning “spark.” Variants of the surname include Coğmakli, Çökmekli, Çakmaklı, Çöğmekli, Çöğümekli, Çöğmeli, and Çögür. Spelling variations of Cakmakli include Çökmeklı, Çakmaklı, Çöğmeklı, Çöğümekli, Çöğmeli, Çakımakli, Çögümekli, and Çögür.

Surnames of the same origin include Şakmakli, Sökmekli, Sağmaklı, Sakmaklı, Soğmeklı, Söğmekli, Söğümekli, and Sağümekli. Spelling variations of these surnames include Şökmeklı, Şakmaklı, Şöğmeklı, Şöğümekli, Şöğmeli, Şakımakli, Şögümekli, and Şögür. Other surnames with similar origins are Zökmekli, Zağmaklı, Zogmekli, Zöğmekli, Zöğümekli, Zöğmeli, Zakımakli, Zögümekli, and Zögür.

The majority of individuals bearing these surnames are located in northwestern Turkey with a smaller concentration of individuals listed in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. The less common surnames of the same origin can also be seen in the United States and Canada, where many individuals of Turkish descent have recently immigrated.

Famous people with the name Cakmakli

  • Hüseyin Cakmakli: A prominent Turkish social media celeb and comedian, Cakmakli has become a household name in recent years due to his popular YouTube channel that showcases his comedic skits and parodies.
  • Tugay Cakmakli: He is a professional Turkish footballer who plays as a defender. Cakmakli holds a degree from the Marmara University Sports Science Department and began his career at Ankaragucu.
  • Can Cakmakli: A professional photographer, Cakmakli is the founder of BilimPhoto, an Istanbul-based photography studio. He is known for creating artistic, visual stories with his work.
  • Mustafa Cakmakli: A Turkish cyclist, Cakmakli competed in several different races between the 1940s and 60s, often representing his home country on the world stage.
  • Baris Cakmakli: A former Turkish footballer, Cakmakli captained the Turkish national team in the 1970s and was most recently an assistant manager for the club Fenerbahce.
  • Ali Cakmakli: A medical doctor from Ankara, Turkey, Cakmakli is currently a Professor of Nursing at the Ankara University's School of Nursing.
  • Ahmet Cakmakli: A Turkish contemporary artist, Cakmakli is known for his surrealistic sculptures and statues, which often draw from traditional Turkish culture and motifs. He's currently based in Istanbul.
  • Burak Cakmakli: A Turkish actor, Cakmakli has appeared in several prominent films and television series, including Icy Shadows and Kayikci Road.
  • Semih Cakmakli: A Turkish jazz musician, Cakmakli is one of the lead keyboardists of the group Akbaba and often plays with his own quartet.
  • Beliz Cakmakli: Beliz Cakmakli is a Turkish beauty influencer and YouTuber known for her makeup tutorial videos.

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