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Surname Call - Meaning and Origin

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Call: What does the surname Call mean?

The last name Call is of Irish origin, derived from 'Mac Cathmhaoil', meaning the 'son of Cathmhaol', which comes from the Gaelic words 'cath' meaning 'battle' and 'maol' meaning 'chief'. Therefore, it carries the connotation of 'son of the battle chief'. This surname was first found in county Tyrone in Ireland. Over centuries, due to phonetic and regional variations, it has been adapted into various forms such as Call, Macall or Mccall. The surname typically signifies a person of leadership or influence, often attributed to a warrior or a chief.

In Scotland, the surname is also linked to the Gaelic word 'gall', used to refer to a stranger or a foreigner, mainly depicting Scandinavians who settled in the Celtic lands.

However, meanings of surnames can vary depending on geographical and historical contexts. Despite its Irish and Scottish roots, Call has been adopted by families of various cultural backgrounds, therefore, its meaning can shift according to those different contexts.

Despite its many interpretations, the Call surname carries a sense of strength, leadership and foreignness, travelling through centuries and across continents.

Call: Where does the name Call come from?

The surname Call is believed to originate from Scotland. It is derived from the Gaelic name "MacCathail" which means "son of Cathal". The name Cathal is a combination of "cath" which translates to "battle" and "gal" which translates to "valor". Over time, the name's spelling has evolved and diversified leading to variations including MacCall, Maccall, and Call.

In the early periods of emigration, many Scottish families migrated to North America to escape economic hardship. Thus, the Call last name has found its way into many parts of the English-speaking world. According to the distribution data from Forebears, the last name Call is commonly found in the United States as well as Australia and Canada. In the United States, it is particularly common in Utah, likely due to George Q. Cannon, a prominent leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in the 19th century, who was known to use the alias George Call. However, it is ranked further down the list in terms of popularity in its country of origin, Scotland.

Variations of the surname Call

The surname Call has variant forms including Cale, Calle, Kall, and Kahl. It could also appear with prefixes such as Mc/Mac denoting "son of," resulting in names such as McCall or MacCall. The name has different origins including German, English, French, and Dutch, thus it has alternative surname adaptations based on regional language and pronunciation.

In the German language, similar names or variations might include Kahl, Kall, or even Koller, all deriving from the Old German word 'kale,' meaning 'bare,' typically referring to a bald man. In the English language, Cale, Kale, and Coale are variations. Call itself could be a variation of the Old Norse name Kali. A French variation could be Calle or LaCalle. In Dutch, it might be De Kalle.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that in Ireland, the surname Call is often a shortened form of O'Callaghan, an ancient Irish surname. This could have arisen due to many Irish emigrants to the US or other countries shortening or translating their names to better assimilate. Therefore, Callaghan and its variant forms (Callahan, Keallaghan, Ceallachan, etc.) could also be considered surnames of the same origin as Call.

Famous people with the name Call

  • Reggie Call: A professional football player who played for the Green Bay Packers.
  • Robert L. Call: A Hollywood scriptwriter and producer known for his work on Mission: Impossible series.
  • Tom Call: An artist known for his work in watercolor.
  • Jim Call: The American actor best known for his stage work.
  • Justin Call: A renowned fantasy author, acclaimed for his book "Master of Sorrows."
  • Kellie Loder: Born as Kellie Call, she is a famous Canadian singer and songwriter.
  • Dean Call: An American actor known for his roles in B-level horror movies.
  • Lee A. Call: A famous portrait photographer, specialized in black & white photos.
  • Patricia Call: Accomplished author and educator.
  • Steven Call: A screenwriter, best known for his work on movies like "Beneath A Neon Tide". Please note that some of them might not be universally recognized as 'famous', but within their professional fields, they have made significant contributions.

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