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Surname Calderwood - Meaning and Origin

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Calderwood: What does the surname Calderwood mean?

The surname Calderwood is of Scottish origin with historical records dating back to the 12th century in Northern England and Scotland. The name formed from the Old English words "ceald" meaning 'cold' and "wudu" meaning 'wood', so this suggests that the original bearer of the name occupied an area of cold wood or marshland.

The earliest record of the name is that of Richard de Calderwode in 1219, a witness at a charter of confirmation of teh Lands of Cowdys-hope and Jogilbie in Lanarkshire, Scotland. This is one of the earliest affordable records of the name in the country. Other records also exist from the same region of Scotland during the 13th century.

The Calderwoods have a long history of being influential in Scottish society, from holding significant offices in government to being captains of merchant vessels. This has enabled them to spread their influence throughout Europe, allowing them to establish links with other European families.

Today, the Calderwood surname is mostly found in Scotland but is still seen all over the world. In a modern era, the Calderwood surname is held in high esteem as part of the Scottish heritage. There is no single associated coat of arms of the name, but many Calderwoods bear a coat of arms appropriate to their sub-branch of the family.

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Calderwood: Where does the name Calderwood come from?

The last name Calderwood is commonly seen throughout the United Kingdom, particularly in Northern Ireland and Scotland. There are also a few Calderwood families in Australia, Canada, Germany, and the United States.

In Northern Ireland, the surname is more prevalent in Antrim and Derry counties. Specifically in the Antrim townland of Aughrim, there are a large number of people with the Calderwood name. According to the Northern Ireland Place Names Project, this family of Calderwood’s trace their origin back to the 16th century and have remained in the townland for generations.

In Scotland, the name Calderwood is most common in Midlothian near the town of Scotlandwell. This is the ancestral home of the Calderwood family and is believed to have been first used there in the 1200s. According to a 2018 survey by the General Registry of Scotland the name remains one of the largest surnames in Midlothian.

Calderwood's can also be found in Australia, Canada, Germany, and the United States. While the surname may not be as prevalent in these countries as it is in the U.K., Calderwood families still remain in these places, possibly tracing their ancestry back to the British Isles.

Variations of the surname Calderwood

The surname Calderwood is of Anglo-Scots origin with regional variations in spelling. Some traditional spellings and variants of the name include Caldervood, Caldarlood and Caldwood. These spellings form an integral part of the regional dialects of the British Isles common in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales.

In some cases, the surname Calderwood has been corrupted over time to resemble other surnames originating from the same root. Notable examples include Caldorwood, Caldo-wood, Caldewood and Calterwood. In modern times, many English and Scots surnames have become homogenized under the umbrella of the common spelling Calderwood.

Variations on the name such as Calderwode, Caldurwood and Caldwood are also seen, mostly in Scotland where the name is thought to have originated. These variations are less common and may represent slightly different ways of spelling the same thing or, in certain cases, a separate branch of the Calderwood family tree.

Other related surnames of the same origin are Calderer, Caldert, Caldwell, Colbert, Culburt(t), Culbreath, Cullburt, Cotterwood, Coteleg and Cotterell.

In conclusion, the surname Calderwood is one of numerous surnames of Anglo-Scots origin that are believed to have a common root. While distinct regional variations of this surname exist, especially in Scotland, similar or related surnames are also known to exist.

Famous people with the name Calderwood

  • Alexa Rae Calderwood: media personality and lifestyle influencer
  • Jo Calderwood: professional MMA fighter
  • Allison Calderwood: executive producer and casting director
  • Stephen Calderwood: professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School
  • Bob Calderwood: former Major League Baseball player
  • William Calderwood: American poet
  • James Calderwood: Scottish football manager
  • Gilda Calderwood: eighteenth century English poet
  • Alastair Calderwood: British artist
  • George Calderwood: nineteenth century Scottish minister and author

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