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Surname Cabodi - Meaning and Origin

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Cabodi: What does the surname Cabodi mean?

The surname Cabodi is of Italian origin. It is not very common and is primarily found in the northern region of the country. The exact meaning of the name Cabodi is unclear as it does not directly translate to a specific word in Italian. Like many surnames, it could be derived from a geographical location, an occupation, or a nickname from a clan or family tradition. It is possible that it was a regional or habitational name signifying a person from a particular location. Since it is less common, the historical records and details regarding the origin of the surname Cabodi are limited. Comprehending the meaning of such surnames often requires a deep dive into historical, regional dialects and family history.

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Cabodi: Where does the name Cabodi come from?

The surname Cabodi seems to originate from Italy, more specifically, from the northern region of Piedmont. Certain sources suggest a probable link to the town of Cabodi in the Biella province of Piedmont. It appears to be an uncommon surname and its presence today continues to be more noticeable in Italy, where most of the bearers of this surname reside. However, due to migration patterns, people carrying the Cabodi last name can also be found in other parts of the world, such as the Americas and other European countries, yet in significantly lower numbers than in Italy. Like many surnames, it's probable that the surname Cabodi reflects a geographical derivation, indicating a family origin from the town of Cabodi. Nevertheless, comprehensive research into the name's history and origins would provide a more detailed understanding. As always with genealogical queries, tracing back specific family records, local documents, and histories can provide clearer insights into the surname’s origin and distribution.

Variations of the surname Cabodi

The surname Cabodi appears to be of Italian origin. The origin and the meaning of this surname are not documented. However, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics. Variants of the surname Cabodi may include different spellings, depending on geographical locations and regional dialects. Some possible variations might include Cabody, Cabodio, Caboto, Cabodiya, Cabode, Cabodé.

In some cases, the variation might be a result of misspelling during immigration (incorrect transcription or translation). It is also important to consider that in some regions in Italy, especially in the past, the surname could have been changed and adapted according to the local dialect.

As for surnames of the same origin, it can be challenging to determine them without specific genealogical research. Likely they would be other Italian surnames, some could be quite common and widespread (like Rossi, Ricci, Marino), others less so.

For a full understanding of the possibility of your personal surname's history and variant forms, you may want to consult a professional genealogist or conduct in-depth research into Italian onomastics (the study of names).

Famous people with the name Cabodi

  • Federica Cabodi: Federica Cabodi is an Italian pastry chef and television personality, best known for her appearances on the cooking show MasterChef Italia.
  • Silvia Cabodi: Silvia Cabodi is an Italian basketball player for San Martino di Lupari and the Italian national team.
  • Aymeric Cabodi: Aymeric Cabodi is a former French rugby union player who played for Brive in the Top 14.
  • Eric Cabodi: Eric Cabodi is a former Canadian professional lacrosse player. He played in the National Lacrosse League for the Toronto Rock and Edmonton Rush.
  • Martin Cabodi: Martin Cabodi is an Argentine former professional football player, who played for several clubs in Argentina, Bolivia, and Mexico.
  • Pablo Cabodi: Pablo Cabodi is an Italian footballer who currently plays for Serie C club Carpi, on loan from Udinese.
  • Marco Cabodi: Marco Cabodi is a former Italian football defender, who played for several Serie A clubs.
  • Bartolomé Cabodi: Bartolomé Cabodi is an Argentine former professional footballer who played mainly as a central midfielder.
  • María Cristina Cabodi: María Cristina Cabodi is an Argentinian politician and economist and Argentine ambassador to Italy since 2012.
  • Franco Cabodi: Franco Cabodi is an Italian former professional football player and current coach, who currently serves as the director of the youth sector at Torino FC.

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