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Surname Cabacos - Meaning and Origin

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Cabacos: What does the surname Cabacos mean?

The surname Cabacos doesn't appear to have a specific meaning in languages commonly associated with surnames like English, Spanish, or Italian. It is relatively rare and seems to be predominantly used in Portugal and Brazil, suggesting a possible Portuguese origin. It may be derived from a place name, occupation, or patronymic. Surnames can also sometimes arise from a nickname or personal characteristic. However, without specific etymological information, the exact meaning of Cabacos remains unclear. It's advisable to look into regional archives or consult a genealogist for more detailed and specific information.

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Cabacos: Where does the name Cabacos come from?

The surname Cabacos is of Spanish origin. It is derived from 'cabaço', a Galician and Portuguese word meaning 'wine skin' or 'gourd'. The name points towards an occupational origin, referring to individuals who made or traded wine skins. Given its Iberian roots, the surname is most prevalent in Spain and Portugal and some parts of Latin America due to historic Spanish and Portuguese colonization. However, it is relatively uncommon, even in these regions. In recent times, due to global migration patterns, this surname can be found in various other countries too, but typically in small numbers. As a result of this dispersion, the Cabacos surname can be seen today not only in its original form but also in several derivative and localized forms, depending on the region. However, like many other surnames, the number of people bearing the Cabacos surname is not high and thus, it isn't commonly seen worldwide.

Variations of the surname Cabacos

The surname Cabacos appears to be of Spanish or Portuguese origin, based on its linguistic characteristics and historical distribution. Variations of this surname may have developed over time, especially taking into account factors such as regional dialects, phonetic spelling, and immigration records.

Known alternate spellings could include "Cabaco," "Cabacoa," and "Cabacos." These variants typically just involve minor changes to the ending of the name, but they still provide the same overall sound and feel of the original surname.

Surnames that possibly share the same origin as Cabacos include "Cabas," "Cabasa," "Cabase," "Cabaço" and "Cabaz." These names are potentially related due to their shared roots and similar structures. They may all derive from the term "cabaça," which refers to a gourd or flask in Portuguese, suggesting a potential occupational origin for these surnames.

However, it's essential to remember that surname origins can be complex and multifaceted, with many names often arising independently in different regions or contexts. Therefore these are only probable variations and surnames of the same origin - without a more detailed genealogical research, it would be hard to confirm these with certainty.

Famous people with the name Cabacos

  • Olga Cabaco-Navarrete: Spanish tennis player
  • Marisa Cabacos: Spanish Paralympic athlete
  • John Cabacos: renowned chef and television personality
  • Lou Cabacos: American football player
  • Eddie Cabacos: professional boxer
  • Ara Cabacos: Canadian actor and model
  • Luis Cabacos: Venezuelan colonel and diplomat
  • Ferdinand Cabacos: World War II Filipino aviation officer
  • Faustino Cabacos: Spanish journalist
  • Rachel Cabacos: American film actress

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