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Surname Caceres - Meaning and Origin

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Caceres: What does the surname Caceres mean?

The last name Caceres is a Spanish patronymic name derived from the Medieval Spanish given name Cáceres, which is thought to originate from the Spanish word "cacería," meaning "game hunting." This would mean that the original bearer of the name was likely a hunter or someone who worked in the hunting profession.

The name Caceres is incredibly common in Spain, particularly in the provinces of Extremadura and Ciudad Real, though it can be found all over the country. It has likely been around since approximately the 12th century and has gained in prominence since then.

In Spanish-speaking countries, the name can be spelled with just the “C” as Cáceres, or with the two “C”s as Caceres. Despite their geographical distance, the name is also found in some regions of Latin America, particularly in Colombia, Chile, and Mexico.

Finally, the name Caceres has always been closely associated with the family titles and honours of several Spanish nobility houses, making it a highly appreciated and respected name. It is thought to bring strength, stability and recognition to its bearer.

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Caceres: Where does the name Caceres come from?

The last name Caceres is a popular name in Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, Mexico, and Central and South American countries such as Argentina. It is also a popular surname in Portugal and even Croatia.

The Caceres name likely originated from Latin Latin Cáceres, which was derived from the Latin word cactus, meaning “thorny.” This could make sense, considering that Latin American countries are home to some of the world’s cactus species.

In the Spanish-speaking world, the name Caceres has long been associated with nobility, as it is believed to have come from a knight with the surname in the 12th century. It was a respected surname that was also granted by the Spanish crown, and is likely why it was spread to such places as Mexico.

In the United States, the Caceres surname is more uncommon but it is still found mostly in states such as California, Texas and New Mexico, which all have Hispanic populations. In fact, census bureau data shows that as of 2019, there was an estimated total of 2,231 people with the surname Caceres living in the US.

Variations of the surname Caceres

The surname Caceres has many variants, spellings and surnames which are of the same origin. Some of the more common variants include Cáceres, Caceres, de Caceres, Cacerés, Cacer, Cacerer, Cace, Caceria, etc.

The surname Caceres is believed to come from the Castilian name of the Rioja region in Spain, and it is likely an old surname, having been in existence since the Middle Ages. It is also possible that the surname originated from any of the many places in Spain and Europe that have the same name.

Caceres has spread all over the world and can be found in many different countries. It is one of the most common Hispanic surnames in Latin America, particularly Cuba, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Peru. It is also a popular surname in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

In some cases, the surname Caceres has been changed and adapted to local customs; this could be due to a lack of familiarity with the correct spelling of the surname, or through its native language. Variations can include Casares, Cesares, Cesareo, Cesare, Casarini, Caseri, etc.

Despite the many variations, spellings, and surnames which are of the same origin as Caceres, the surname still remains an important part of European and Latin American family history, as it has been passed down through generations.

Famous people with the name Caceres

  • Natalia Cáceres: Natalia is an Argentinian actress most famous for her roles in the telenovella I Don't Have Time and La Noche de Mirtha.
  • César Cáceres: César is an Argentinian television host, singer, actor and songwriter. He is most famous for his roles in the TV series El Jefe de Todos and Los Ángeles de la Mañana.
  • Mayra Cáceres: Mayra is a Uruguayan actress, singer and model. She was a contestant on the reality television show Gran Hermano de Uruguay.
  • Jorge Cáceres: Jorge is an Argentinian football player known for his attacking midfielder and winger roles. He currently plays for San Martín de San Juan.
  • Ramiro Cáceres: Ramiro is an Argentinian television actor, most known for his role in the series Plena.
  • Alexia Cáceres: Alexia is a Peruvian TV presenter and journalist. She has hosted the Plataforma DEF show on Latina Television.
  • Alan Cáceres: Alan is a Peruvian football player who plays as a striker for Alianza Universidad.
  • Leonel Cáceres: Leonel is an Uruguayan footballer, most famous for winning the Primera Division title with Club Nacional de Football.
  • Marcelo Cáceres: Marcelo is a former Uruguayan footballer who has played for teams in South American leagues and Argentina.
  • Facundo Cáceres: Facundo is an Uruguayan footballer who plays as a defender for Defensor Sporting.

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