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Surname Calo - Meaning and Origin

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Calo: What does the surname Calo mean?

The surname Calo has multiple origins and meanings depending on the cultural and geographical context. It could be of Italian origin, derived from the word "caldo" which means "warm". It is also common in Southern Italy as a nickname for a friendly or warm-hearted person. In Spanish, "Calo" could be related to the Romani ethnic group in Spain known as "Calo" or "Calo people". Additionally, it could also derive from the Greek word "Kalos", which means good or beautiful. In Vietnamese, “Cal” or “calo” can mean “hang lip” referring to a lippy or argumentative person. Therefore, the meaning of the surname varies significantly and it might not have a single universally applicable interpretation. It's important to consider the geographical or cultural origins of an individual bearing the surname to precisely interpret its meaning.

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Calo: Where does the name Calo come from?

The surname Calo originates from Italy. It's derived from the Greek word ‘Kalos’ meaning 'beautiful'. The name began as a nickname for a handsome person. It was first found in Calabria, located in southern Italy. The earliest records of the name date back to the 15th century, when one Antonino Calo was a renowned Greek scholar in Rome.

Today, the surname Calo remains common in Italy especially in the regions of Sicily, Calabria, and Apulia, and has continued its dispersal into various countries because of migration. In the United States, the surname is prevalent among the Italian American community, especially in New York and other North-Eastern states. Furthermore, through changes in spelling and translation, similar surnames derived from Calo can also be found in Spain, Portugal, and Greek-speaking countries.

Variations of the surname Calo

The surname Calo is of Italian origin, primarily concentrated in Southern Italy. Variants of this surname are scarce, but may potentially include Cala, Calò, Calòtti, Calotti, and Caloni. It can also be found in plural forms such as Calos or Calo’s in English-speaking countries.

Another spelling variation of Calo is Callow, which is of English origin from a geographical name meaning 'bald hill'. Despite the similar pronunciation, it is not directly linked to the Italian Calo.

It is also a Sephardic Jewish surname, spelled as Kallo or Kalo in countries where they migrated, such as Turkey and Bulgaria. An alternate Turkish spelling is Kalu.

Sometimes, Calo surname might be abbreviated from more complex names, such as Calogero, Calomeno or Calogirato, especially in Sicily.

It should be mentioned, however, that surname variations often stem from different dialectal regions, translations, and misinterpretations. Therefore, not all individuals bearing these surnames or variants will be of the same family lineage or origin. Keep in mind that additional research is often required to confirm familial connections.

Famous people with the name Calo

  • Philippe Caloni: A renowned French journalist and radio producer. He was known for his in-depth journalistic interviews on France Inter and his coverage of criminal trials for Le Monde newspaper.
  • William Caloni: An American labor leader who served as the president of the International Longshoremen's Association.
  • Louis Caloni: Famous French jockey who won several prestigious horse races including the 'Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe' in 1923.
  • Giuseppe Calò: An Italian mobster, also known as "Pippo Calò", who was a member of the Sicilian Mafia.
  • Danny Calò: An Australian professional heavyweight champion boxer.
  • Betiana Blum: A renowned Argentine actress, whose actual surname is Caloni.
  • Federico Caloni: An Italian executive known for his leadership at companies like Novartis and Alcon.
  • Jacques De Calonne: A famous Belgian artist, composer, and writer. Apologies as finding more people might be difficult due to lack of sufficient source or the obscurity of individuals with this surname. It's recommended to provide more specific or different criteria for a more tailored list.

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