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Surname Cano - Meaning and Origin

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Cano: What does the surname Cano mean?

The last name Cano is of Spanish or Portuguese origin. In Spanish, the name reflects a connection to the land; the literal meaning of the name is "cane." This remarks on its roots as an occupational surname, referring to someone who worked with cane, either cultivating it or working it into objects like baskets. Its presence in Portugal suggests that the name arrived in the country after the Portuguese people came into contact with the Spanish during the Reconquista.

Aside from its literal meaning, the name Cano has come to have additional meanings over time. In many Spanish-speaking countries, it's associated with a certain noble uprightness and moral rectitude; this comes from the fact that its roots derive from the Latin "canos," which means "gray-haired man" or "male elder." In this sense, Cano stands for a certain respect for elders and an emphasis on family values, both of which are deeply enshrined in Latin American culture.

What's more, in many Spanish-speaking countries, the surname is used as an affectionate nickname or term of endearment; such is the case with the Mexican-Guatemalan term "Canito," which means "little Cano."

In summary, the last name Cano is a Spanish or Portuguese occupational surname that has come to be associated with an admiration for strong family values and the respect of elders. It's also been adopted, to some extent, as a term of endearment.

Cano: Where does the name Cano come from?

The last name Cano is most commonly found today throughout the Spanish-speaking world, particularly in Spain, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

In Spain, Cano is a very common surname, with more than 17,000 people in the country bearing the name. It is particularly widespread in the southern regions of Andalusia and Granada, where it is one of the top ten surnames.

In Mexico, Cano is most common in the central state of Hidalgo, where there are over 30,000 people bearing the name. It is also popular across other states, including Veracruz, Estado de México, Guanajuato, and Morelos.

Finally, the Dominican Republic is home to one of the world’s largest concentrations of people bearing the surname Cano, with over 18,000 individuals living in the country. Interestingly, Cano is the seventh most common surname in the Dominican Republic, just behind the Dominican Republic's own national surname, Fernández.

Overall, the last name Cano appears to be most widespread amongst Spanish-speaking nations, particularly in Spain, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. As such, it is likely that the origin of the surname lies in Spain and its various colonies.

Variations of the surname Cano

The surname Cano is a Spanish and Portuguese name, probably derived from the Latin name Caunus, which means 'brave', 'valiant' or 'noble'. The variants of Cano are also derived from Latin, and include variations such as Caño, Cauno, Caunos, and Kanos.

The spelling variations of Cano include Canon, Canonn, Canons, Cañon, Canonne, Canont, Kaneon, Kanon, Kannon, Kennon, and Kanno. These variations are likely to be the result of different dialects, pronunciation, and spelling errors.

In some cases, the surname Cano can also be found spelled with the letter "y" instead of an "o". Examples of this variant include Canyo, Canyos, Kanyo, and Kanyos.

Surnames with the same roots as Cano can be found in other languages as well. For example, the name Cauno can also be found spelled as Caune, Cauneau, Caunes, and Caunel in French, and as Caunes and Caunet in German.

In Portuguese, surnames with the same origin as Cano include Canas, Canes, Canizzo, and Canez. Similarly, some Italian surnames of the same origin include Canazzi and Caneschi.

Overall, the variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for Cano provide insight into the diverse origins and languages this surname can be associated with.

Famous people with the name Cano

  • Robinson Cano, Professional MLB Baseball Player
  • Zoilo Cano, Professional MLB Baseball Player
  • Jorge Cano, Professional Soccer Player
  • Fernado Cano, Singer & Songwriter
  • Fany de la Chica Cano, Artist
  • Sergio Cano, Professional Race Car Driver
  • Eduardo Cano, Soccer Player
  • Eugenio Cano, Professional Race Car Driver
  • Esteban Cano, Professional Cyclist
  • Alcides Cano, Professional Soccer Player
  • Juana Cano, Singer & Actress
  • Moisés Canó, Professional Soccer Player
  • Desiree Cano, Professional Musician
  • Moisés Cano, Artist
  • David Cano, Professional Soccer Player
  • Carmen Cano, Former Politician
  • John Cano, Professional Boxer
  • Mark Cano, Professional Wrestler
  • Raul Cano, TV Actor
  • Pedro Cano, Professional Basketball Player

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