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Surname Cance - Meaning and Origin

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Cance: What does the surname Cance mean?

The last name Cance is rooted in France and has two distinct meanings, one related to a personal name and one related to a noun. Derived from the French word "cance," which was a common nickname for those named Candide, it also can be interpreted as an occupational name. It is likely that the first people to bear the Cance surname were individuals who worked in the canning industry.

The surname Cance is thought to have first appeared in the region of Brittany, in the western part of France. It was particularly popular in Normandy, in the northwestern corner of the country, where it became a hereditary name.

The name Cance is a combination of two Old French words, "canson" and "alle." This translates to "a can or basketmaker," which was a common profession in the area. Because of the popularity of this job, it's believed that the name was adopted by those who pursued the profession.

The meaning of Cance can also be interpreted as a surname referring to "one with the head of a canine," which was another popular nickname in France. It is possible that some families adopted the name in order to differentiate themselves from the larger populations.

Over the centuries, the name Cance has spread to other parts of the world, such as the United States, Canada, and Australia. In the United States, the name is fairly common, especially in the mid-Atlantic region. It is also relatively common in Latin America, likely due to the many French immigrants who settled in that area over the past few centuries.

No matter their origin, those who bear the name Cance can be proud of its interesting history. Both meanings of the name, and the interesting facts surrounding it, show the importance of this unique surname.

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Cance: Where does the name Cance come from?

The last name Cance is most commonly found in several regions in France. It is estimated that the usage of this name originated in Haute-Vienne, the fourth largest administrative department in France, where it remains popular to this day. According to genealogical research, the first of the Cance family arrived in France during the early 1700s. Therein, the surname became scattered throughout the countryside, mostly maintained in the southwest provinces of France.

Given the period in which this surname arose, it is likely that the family originated from southern European countries, such as Italy, Portugal, or Spain. It is also a relatively popular last name in France, ranking 475 out of the 100,000 most used surnames in the country today. Additionally, the Cance surname has continued to grow in popularity in the United States, Canada, and the South American countries of Mexico and Venezuela.

Thus, the surname Cance has retained its presence over the years with some notable family members being the French World War I Flying Ace Jean Marie Joseph Cance. He was born in 1891 and was awarded the Legion of Honour for his bravery and service in the war efforts. In modern times, the durability of the Cance surname lies in its simplicity, which allows it to exist in various cultures, and its significance in French society.

Variations of the surname Cance

The surname Cance is mainly found in the south of France and Spain, as well as in Latin America. It derives from the Latin root "cancellare", which means "to cross out, cancel". Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for Cance include Cancellas (also spelled Cancellàs or Cancellá), Cancelo, Cancella, Cancéla, Cancélae, Cancèl, Cancelliere, and Cancelier.

Cancellas is an uncommon Spanish and Galician variant of Cance, usually found in the northwestern regions of Spain. In Latin America it is found in Southern countries, such as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, and Venezuela.

Cancelo is a common surname in much of northwestern Spain, usually found in the provinces of Ciudad Real, Madrid, and Castilla-La Mancha. It is also found in Portugal, usually as Cancelos de Lemos, as well as in Latin America.

Cancella is another variant found mostly in Italy, especially in the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, and Naples. It is also occasionally found in southern Spain and France.

Cancéla is found mainly in France, but it has also been recorded in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Cancélae, Cancèl, and Cancelliere can all be found mainly in France. The form Cancèl is particularly common in the Savoie region.

The variant Cancelier is mainly found in the south of France, with records of it being found in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. It is also occasionally found in the Netherlands.

Famous people with the name Cance

  • Garret Cance: an American professional golfer.
  • Elina Cance: a former professional tennis player from Sweden.
  • Andy Cance: a former professional baseball player who played five seasons in Major League Baseball.
  • Dianna Cance: an American theater actress and singer.
  • Gem Cance: a former professional basketball player who played in the WNBA.
  • Mikael Cance: a professional ice hockey player from Sweden.
  • Mauri Cance: an Argentine professional basketball player.
  • Hjalmar Cance: a Swedish Bioinformatics professor at Uppsala University.
  • Violaine Cance: a French judoka who won silver medals at the 2003 and 2004 European Judo Championships.
  • Helena Cance: a Finnish judo and jiu-jitsu practitioner who was the first-ever Finnish woman to win a world championship medal in judo.

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