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Surname Claessens - Meaning and Origin

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Claessens: What does the surname Claessens mean?

The last name Claessens is a Dutch surname originating in the Netherlands. It is derived from the Dutch word "klaas" which means "victory".

The surname Claessens is an occupational name, referring to a person who was involved in the making of small metalcloths. Examples of these include locks, watches, and jewelry,made from small pieces of metal.

Because of the frequent use of the name, several branches of the original Claessens family line have developed over time. Consequently, various versions of the surname exist, such as Claessen, Claesen, Claesz, Claussen, Claeszoon, and Clastens.

Claanse or Kleere Claessen is now known as a formal version of the last name as well, due to an individual considered to be the ancestor of the entire Claessens family line.

The Claessens family has a great history behind it, with many of its members making great contributions to the fields of history, art, religion, and politics.

Today, members of the Claessens family continue to thrive around the world, in countries like the Netherlands, United States, and Canada. They remain proud of their heritage and continue to honor the name by keeping family traditions alive.

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Claessens: Where does the name Claessens come from?

The last name Claessens is quite common in the Netherlands today, especially in the northern part of the country. It is also a popular surname in Belgium, particularly in Flanders and around the city of Ghent. In the United States, the last name has spread across many states from New York to California and from Washington to Florida.

In an article published in late 2020, "The History of the Claessens Surname in Europe," Netherlands genealogist Willem Claessens writes that the Claessens family roots date back to the late Middle Ages, when they were known as "vassals of the Count of Flanders."

The earliest known example of the surname in an official record is from the year 1225, when a Peter van Claessen registered as a military knight in Holland. Willem Claessens further explains that in the 1500s, the Claessens family rose to prominence in Flanders, where they owned many estates. It is probable that members of the family emigrated to the United States after both the Dutch War of Independence (1568-1648) and the Spanish Revolt (1568-1609).

In the 21st century, the last name Claessens has survived in both Europe and North America, albeit in slightly different variations—Claessen in the Netherlands, Claessens in Belgium, Claessen in the United States, and Claesen in France.

Overall, the last name Claessens is still quite common throughout Europe and North America today, with hundreds of thousands of people bearing its distinctive name.

Variations of the surname Claessens

The surname Claessens is a Dutch patronymic name derived from the given name Claus, which is derived from the Latin given name Nicholas. The variants of the surname Claessens include Klaessens, Klaessens, Claess, Claessal, Claessen, Claesses, Claessin, Claessons, Klaessen, Klaessin, and Klaesson. It is also spelled as Claessen, Claesen, Claessen, Claesen, Claesens, Claeszen, and Claesz.

The variants of the surname Claessens are also seen in other languages, such as Claessen in German or Klaessen in Old English. In countries such as France, the surname is found as Claessens, Claessen, and Claises. In Sweden, the surname is found as Klasson, Klassonn, and Klassen. In Denmark and Norway, it is found as Klåssen and Klaasen. In the United States, the surname is commonly spelled as Claessens.

The variant spellings of the same origin of the Claessens surname are also found in other countries such as Belgium, Australia, Scotland, Africa, South Africa and parts of Asia. The variants Claeys, Klaeys, Clais, Klais, Claise, Kleise, Claix, Kleix, Claiex, Klaijex, Clays, Klay, and Klayer are found in Belgium. The variants Claasen, Claessen, Klasen, Clason, Claessin, Klazsen and Classe are found in Australia. The variants Cleassen, Claes, Clais and Kleiss are found in Scotland. The variants Cleosens, Claisens, Clairens, Cleveland, Climent and Kleins are found in South Africa and parts of Africa. The variants Klasen, Klass, Klassen, and Klauss are found in Asia.

Famous people with the name Claessens

  • Gert Claessens: Belgian entomologist.
  • Justin Claessens: Dutch footballer.
  • Mathias Claessens: Belgian footballer.
  • Max Claessens: Belgian sculptor and painter.
  • Paul Claessens: Belgian fashion designer and entrepreneur.
  • Pierre Claessens: Belgian actor and television presenter.
  • Eugénie Le Clercq Claessens: Belgian acting teacher.
  • Guido Claessens: Belgian film maker.
  • Simon Claessens: Belgian hurdler.
  • Jef Claessens: Dutch footballer.
  • Boudewijn Claessens: Belgian biochemist and molecular biologist.
  • Laurence Claessens: Belgian journalist and publisher.
  • Marcellin Claessens: French painter and sculptor.
  • Willy Claessens: Belgian saxophone player.
  • Hannelore Claessens: Belgian writer and health journalist.
  • Filip Claessens: Belgian rower.
  • Paul Claessens Jr: Belgian fashion designer and entrepreneur.
  • Mara Claessens: Dutch paediatrician.
  • Bob Claessens: Dutch racing driver.
  • Joris Claessens: Belgian basketball player.

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