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Surname Claessen - Meaning and Origin

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Claessen: What does the surname Claessen mean?

Claessen is a Dutch name derived from the Low German "Klessen," meaning "clay pit," referring to clay beds used in brick-making. It is found as a surname mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as in France and former Dutch colonies.

The earliest mention of the name was of a Pieter Claessen from Zeddam in the 16th century, with the Claessen name becoming common in various regions of the Netherlands from around the 17th century. The name Claessen is believed to have been derived from the large number of clay pits found on the Zeddam estate near Deventer, from which bricks were made.

The majority of Claessens throughout the Netherlands are of Roman Catholic faith, largely due to the persecution of members of the Reformed Churches prior to the 19th century. Dutch migration during this period saw relatives of the Claessens move to France, the US, Canada, South Africa and other countries.

The surname Claessen is a reminder of the brick-making industry that has been integral to Dutch architecture and culture over the centuries. Today, descendants of Dutch families that bear this name in various countries all trace their roots back to a small village near Deventer.

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Claessen: Where does the name Claessen come from?

The last name Claessen is most commonly found in the Netherlands, Belgium, and other parts of Europe. It is believed to have originated in the region of Flanders, in modern day Belgium. The name is likely derived from the Old German word "Klause" meaning "journey" or "initiative". In the Netherlands, Claessen is among the top 500 surnames. It is also found throughout Germany, France, and Luxemburg.

The diaspora of this surname includes many countries outside of Europe. There is a concentration of the name in the United States, in particular the Midwestern states. More recently, the surname can be found in Canada, Mexico, Australia, and other countries in the former British Empire.

The length of time that the last name has been present in Europe and other countries gives an indication of its popularity in the past and today. According to public records, Claessen has been a consistent presence in Europe since the 17th century. By the early 20th century, the surname is thought to have spread to North America.

Today, Claessen is still widely known in countries all over the world. Its presence in public records shows that although the spelling may have changed somewhat over time, the name is still in use and well known.

Variations of the surname Claessen

The Claessen surname varies in different spellings and originates from multiple parts of the world. Common variants of Claessen include Claesen, Claessen, Clasen, Claessen, Claesz, Claassen, and Claessen. In the Netherlands, people with the Claessen surname are usually of Dutch or Frisian descent.

In Germany, it is usually an Anglisized form of "Claus," the patronymic form of Claus which means "people of Nicholas." In Belgium, Claessen is often derived from the German Myers surname, which is of Dutch or Frisian origin. There are also variants of the Dutch surname Cloetingh, such as Clausen and Clasen, that have developed in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

In the United States, people with the Claessen surname often originate from Germany, the Netherlands, or Belgium. In addition, Claessen is also a common surname among African Americans. This could be a result of the African Diaspora that occurred when African Americans were brought to the United States as slaves.

The Claessen surname is also found in other countries around the world such as the United Kingdom and Canada. It is common in these areas as well and has many of the same variants described above. It is likely that many of those with the Claessen surname in these countries emigrated from Europe or have ancestors that did.

Overall, the Claessen surname is found in many areas of the world with various spellings and surname variants. People who have this surname likely have European heritage, with some African Americans having descended from enslaved African ancestors and others from recent immigrants.

Famous people with the name Claessen

  • Bart Claessen: an electronic music producer and DJ from the Netherlands.
  • François Claessen: a former racing driver from Luxembourg.
  • Steven Claessen: a Belgian badminton player.
  • Tom Claessen: a retired footballer from the Netherlands.
  • Michael Claesson: a Swedish footballer.
  • Paul Claessen: a former futsal player from the Netherlands.
  • Tim Claessen: a Dutch actor and voice actor.
  • Jarno Claessen: a Dutch actor.
  • Charline Claessen: a Belgian badminton player.
  • Matthieu Claessen: a French footballer.
  • Gerard Claessen: a Belgian judoka and taekwondo practitioner.
  • Karl Claessen: a German football manager and former player.
  • Bart Claessen: a Dutch football defender.
  • Jan Claessen: a Belgian footballer.
  • Yoplait Claessen: a Dutch jazz guitarist.

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