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Surname Claesson - Meaning and Origin

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Claesson: What does the surname Claesson mean?

The last name Claesson is of Swedish origin and it is a patronymic surname. In this context, the name translates to "son of Claes." The element "Claes" is itself a diminutive form or nickname of the biblical name "Nicholas," which is popular in many European countries, in the respective languages' usage and interpretation. Nicholas means "victory of the people," which is derived from the Ancient Greek words "nike," which means victory, and "laos," which means people. Therefore, indirectly, Claesson could be interpreted to mean "son of the victory of the people." It's around the 18th century when the use of hereditary family names became common in Sweden, including the patronymic naming tradition; hence, names like Claesson emerged. Such patronymic surnames were created by adding "son" or in Swedish “sson” to the father's name, and occasionally "dotter" (daughter) to the mother's name. Note that 'C' in Swedish is often pronounced as in 'k' in English, hence Claesson is often pronounced as 'Klaeson'. It is common in Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia.

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Claesson: Where does the name Claesson come from?

The last name Claesson is of Swedish origin. The name originates from Scandinavian tradition of patronymic surnames, where a father's first name is used to form a child's last name. In Claesson, “Claes” is a common form of the name Nicholas, and the addition of “son” means “son of Claes”.

Nowadays, this surname is still commonly found in Sweden. It's also present to a lesser extent in neighboring Nordic countries due to historical migration and regional mobility. Outside of the Nordic region, Claesson can be found among communities of Swedish ancestry globally, particularly in the United States and Canada, which have sizable Swedish populations due to substantial immigration during the 19th and 20th centuries. However, it remains most prevalent in Sweden itself.

Variations of the surname Claesson

The surname Claesson is of Swedish origin and is a patronymic name meaning "son of Claes", a variant of the name Nicholas. There are many similar surnames, which follow the same pattern, using different spelling and variations of the father's name.

These include but are not limited to Klaesson, Clason, Clauson, Clausson, and Clasen. Other versions incorporate variations of "Claes", such as Claes, Klaes, and Klason.

In other languages, equivalent or similar surnames might include Claassen (German), Clausen (German & Danish), Klausen (German & Danish), Klaassen (Dutch), and Klassen (German & Dutch).

The spelling of the surname can also change depending on where the person with the surname is residing. For example, in English-speaking countries it might be anglicized, like dropping the double 's', as in Clason or adding 'on', as in Clauson.

Unlike other cultures, Sweden abolished the traditional patronymic naming system in 1901, and the same family surname is inherited by successive generations. Therefore, it's less common to see variations in the name in modern times.

Famous people with the name Claesson

  • Kent Claesson: An internationally renowned table tennis player from Sweden, active during the 1970s and 1980s.
  • Patrik Claesson: A Swedish footballer active during the late 20th century, playing for clubs such as IK Brage and GAIS.
  • Johan Claesson: A Swedish businessman who served as CEO of property company Catena AB, and chairman of Midway Holding AB.
  • Carl Johan Claesson: Known as "Calle" Claesson, he is a former professional ice hockey player in Sweden.
  • Agnes Dame Claesson: An Australian politician, best known for winning a state seat in the 1947 South Australian elections, the first woman to do so.
  • Hans Claesson: A famous Swedish graphics artist known for his works in video games.
  • Henrik Claesson: A retired Swedish football fullback. He spent the bulk of his career with Malmö FF and competed in the 1974 FIFA World Cup.
  • Malin "Maliin" Stenberg de Soto Claesson: A Swedish-born Peruvian television presenter and actress.
  • Iwo Claesson: 18th century Swedish architect noted for his Baroque and Rococo church designs.
  • Owe Claesson: Retired Swedish ice hockey player, part of the 1979 World Championships team.

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