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Surname Collinge - Meaning and Origin

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Collinge: What does the surname Collinge mean?

The surname Collinge is of Anglo-Saxon origin and frequently found in the North West of England, particularly in Lancashire. The name is topographic, referring to someone who lived near a hill. It is derived from the Old English “collen” which means hazel, used metaphorically to mean a hill, and “ing” which is a place-name ending. Therefore, it can be interpreted as 'dweller by the hazel hill'. Like many surnames, it started as a way to identify people by their geographical location or occupation. Over time, such names became hereditary and were passed on from generation to generation.

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Collinge: Where does the name Collinge come from?

The surname Collinge is of English origin and is believed to have derived from the medieval personal name "Collins." It is a patronymic surname, meaning it originally referred to "the son of Collins." It's worth noting that the 'inge' suffix in the name is also a common characteristic of English surnames derived from various place names. The surname evolution traces back to fifteenth century England, first recorded in 1435 as "Colyns."

The surname was most likely spread to other countries, including the United States and Canada, through immigration over the centuries. As for today, Collinge appears to be most common in England, particularly in the northern and midland counties. It can also be found in Australia and New Zealand. The surname is quite uncommon, and therefore there are not many people with this last name living in one area. Interestingly, some people with this name could potentially have Irish roots, as there are records of a number of Collinges in Ireland during the 19th and 20th centuries. Despite these possibilities, the Collinge surname maintains a distinctly English identity, reflected in its commonality in England more so than anywhere else.

Variations of the surname Collinge

The surname Collinge is of English origin and can have several variant spellings and derivations. These variations have arisen due to different regional dialects, phonetic spellings, or transcription errors over time. Some of the known variations include Collings, Colling, Collinge, Collin, Collins, and Collinson.

The surname Collinge is a patronymic name that was derived from the personal name Colin, an English equivalent of the Gaelic name Cailean, meaning "whelp" or "young pup". The suffix "s" or "son" in the variants means "son of", indicating a patronymic origin. The variant "Collinge" might have been derived from adding the suffix "-e" for ease of pronunciation.

It should be noted that these surnames, although of the same origin, have evolved and diversified over various regions and times, and may now represent distinct family lines. Also, the relations among these variations might not always be direct, as names often changed significantly as families moved across regions and countries.

In modern times, the keeping of consistent surname spellings has been made more precise due to official record keeping, but many variations still exist due to personal or family preferences.

Famous people with the name Collinge

  • Patricia Collinge: She was an Irish-American actress and writer, most recognized for her role in Alfred Hitchcock's "Shadow of a Doubt."
  • William Collinge: A well-known British academic and author, he is an expert in German linguistics and translation studies.
  • Margaret Collinge: A singer from Australia who became popular in the late 1960s with her performances of folk music.
  • John Collinge: A prominent British neurologist and geneticist well-known for his work on prion diseases.
  • Collinge William: A popular modern-day author recognized for his work in the horror and thriller genres.
  • Harry Collinge: Recognized in Canadian history as the former mayor of Hinton, Alberta. A major high school in the region is named in his honor. These are some of the notable individuals bearing the last name Collinge, which has its roots in the British Isles.

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