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Surname Collingham - Meaning and Origin

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Collingham: What does the surname Collingham mean?

The last name Collingham is of English origin. Historically, the name is associated with the northern Midlands region of England, referring to a place in Nottinghamshire where many with the surname were known to live during the Middle Ages.

The origin of this place name is derived from an old Anglo-Saxon term 'cēol', which means cool or cold, combined with the Old Norse word 'hamm' meaning 'homestead'. Therefore, the literal interpretation of this surname is 'homestead by the cold stream'.

From this geographical origin of the surname, it is also thought to have been used as a sign of regional identity or even as a nickname for someone who had an association with the place itself.

Over time, Collingham became a place name with multiple spellings and multiple places by that name appeared from Derbyshire to Northumberland. In the present day, the largest place with this name is located in Norfolkshore and is largely a residential town.

The name is thought to have come to Britain during the Medieval period, when many names referencing places were adopted and passed down through families as inheritance. This last name is today still most commonly found in the Western or Midlands regions of the UK, but it has also spread to parts of the Murica and Canada.

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Collingham: Where does the name Collingham come from?

The last name Collingham is most commonly found in the United Kingdom today. Specifically, it is concentrated in the province of Yorkshire. This is likely due to historical records indicating that this surname originated in the county of North Yorkshire. Additionally, imagery and mentions in older manuscripts give further evidence to connect this surname to the region.

In modern times, Collingham is a largely rural region known for its cheese-making and other agricultural endeavors. It also offers residents and visitors alike quaint village charm along with plenty of stately homes and gardens to explore. It is a interesting destination for those looking to trace their family roots. There are a number of historical records available to help individuals date their lineage to Collingham. These records can be accessed online, in person at local county record offices, or through private research companies.

Overall, Collingham remains a popular place for locals and tourist alike to experience a slice of Yorkshire's past. This historical tradition carries on in the present, as many local families with the last name Collingham still call the town their home.

Variations of the surname Collingham

Collingham is an Anglo-Saxon habitational surname derived from Collingham, a parish and a village, now names on the Nottinghamshire-Lincolnshire border. It is believed to be derived from the Old English words "col," meaning charcoal or blackened wood, and "inga," meaning of the people of. The earliest recorded spelling of the surname is in the Domesday Book of 1086, as "Cullingeham." Throughout the centuries, variations in the original spelling of the name have occurred, including Coling, Colling, Colinghame, Cawlingham and Cawling.

The town of Collingham, which is the origin of the surname, is also numerous other spellings, including Colingeham, Colingahm, Collinham, Calyngham, Caillingham, CaLingam, Colyngam, Colyngam, Cullingam, and Calingham.

Many spellings of the surname also exist as variations of the surnames Colham and Cowlingham. Colham, derived from the same origin as Collingham, is derived from the Old English words "cúl," meaning charcoal or blackened wood, and "hām," meaning homestead. Cowlingham is derived from an Old Norse personal name, Kolr plus hām, homestead.

Variant and alternate spellings of the surname Collingham can also be found as Collingam, Colingham, Cullingham, Colllingham and Collingham. Additionally, surnames such as Collinge, Collingar, Collinger and Collings have been found to have the same origin.

Famous people with the name Collingham

  • Antony Collingham: pioneering UK television presenter, producer, director, photographer and media specialist.
  • Bret Collingham: English rugby league player who currently plays for Whitehaven in the Championship.
  • Catherine Collingham: British author and TV presenter, and former editor at The Times.
  • Charles Collingham: prominent member of Elizabethan society, a writer, painter, poet, and humorist.
  • Geoffrey Collingham: British jazz musician, composer and bandleader.
  • Henry Collingham: British composer and musician, member of the Royal Family’s music staff.
  • Julian Collingham: English TV and radio presenter, actor, producer, and screenwriter.
  • Vere Collingham: brother of Edward Collingham, considered one of the founding fathers of the Industrial Revolution in England.
  • Edward Collingham: British industrialist, and the eldest of the nine Collingham brothers.
  • Amelia Collingham: Honorary Member of the British Psychological Society, and senior lecturer in Psychology at University College London.

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