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Surname Condray - Meaning and Origin

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Condray: What does the surname Condray mean?

The last name Condray is of English origin, specifically from the Old French word "condre," meaning a low-lying area. It is thought to have originated from a place name based on the same root. The surname Condray was first found in Worcestershire, where Robert de Condray was recorded in 1275.

The Condray surname is thought to be linked to similar French-origin surnames, such as Condrey, Condry, and Condary. These all derive from the same root, and have probably been Anglicised over time.

Condray is an unusual surname, and may have had a variety of spellings in the past due to its French origin. An early example of the name was William de Condre, who was listed in the Assize Rolls of Devonshire in 1290. Further north, Robert de Condraye was noted in the Calendar of Inquisitions and Assessments of Lancashire in 1320.

The Condray name was particularly popular in the English counties of Devonshire and Yorkshire in the Middle Ages. The Condray name continues to be quite rare and is found mainly in England. It is quite possible that the name has been bearers have moved to other countries over the centuries, though they are not particularly common.

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Condray: Where does the name Condray come from?

The last name Condray is most common in the United States, particularly in the South and Midwest. In recent decades, the Condray name is known to be found in higher concentrations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Based on the data from the 2000 US Census, more than 86 percent of people with the name Condray were living in those states.

Outside of the United States, theCondray name is known to be fairly common in New Zealand and Australia. As for other parts of the world, such as Canada, Europe and Asia, the Condray name is rarely found.

The family tree of the Condray surname is relatively difficult to trace, due to its rarity and the fact that the name originated in North America. It is believed to be derived from an English or French name, but the exact origin is not known.

The name Condray can be found in many records of the past, such as US military documents, church records, and census records. However, its current availability is much more limited. With the internet and other forms of technology, it is now easier than ever to trace the Condray name. There are several online genealogical databases that specialize in family history and genealogy which can be helpful in researching the Condray name.

Variations of the surname Condray

The most common variant, spelling and surname of the same origin for the surname Condray is Condrey. It is an Anglicized form of the Old Irish surname ‘O Conghradha’ which translates to ‘son of Conghradh’ in English.

Other forms of the surname Condray include Condra, Condery, Conrady, Condry, Condrye, Conradi, Conrade, Conradey, Conradye, Conrathy, Conthery, Conthros, Cundy and O'Conghradha.

The surname Condray is believed to have originated in the province of Ulster in northern Ireland. It is a rare surname in the United States, but is more widely used in Ireland. The surname was also found in the Irish counties of Galway, Cork and Kerry.

Historically, the Condrays were a family of both wealthy landowners and merchants. In the 16th century, the O'Conghradha clan structure was significant in Ireland, with many Condray families maintaining a notable status.

The Condray family motto is “Dum Vivimus Vivamu” which translates to “while we live, we live”. This motto indicates a determination to make the most of life and to never give up despite any hardship.

Famous people with the name Condray

  • Perry Condray: American Planet Rocker & Stand Up Bassist
  • Nathan Condray: American professional ice hockey player
  • J.C. Condray: American bassist and Grammy Award-winning artist
  • Kevin Condray: American writer and editor
  • John Condray: American playwright and theatre producer
  • Ralph Condray: former American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Candice Condray: American actress
  • Tracy Condray: American author and relationship coach
  • Jack Condray: English rugby player
  • Jaime Condray: Canadian gymnast

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