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Surname Condre - Meaning and Origin

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Condre: What does the surname Condre mean?

The surname Condre (sometimes spelled Condrey) is of French origin and translates roughly to "from the kings wood". It was originally a topographical name that referred to someone who lived in or near a forested area owned by a king.

The first recorded instance of the Condre surname appeared in France in the early 12th century, and since then, it has slowly spread throughout Europe. The name is most prominent in France, but it is also quite common in Spain, Italy, Germany, and the UK.

The Condres have historically been a significant and influential family in France, with many well-known members in politics, the arts, and society. Perhaps the most notable member was the lawyer Valentin-Aubry de Condre, who served in the court of John II of France in the 14th century.

The French novelist Frederic Condre was a prominent figure in the literary world of the 19th century, while the electrician and businessman François Condrey-Valeo became a leader in the industrialization of France. Other notable Condres include George Condrey, an innovative naval officer in the early 19th century; Paul Condres, a Swiss surgeon who was a pioneer in the field of cardiopulmonary resuscitation; and Ernesto Condres, an esteemed Spanish physicist of the mid 20th century.

Overall, the surname Condre is a symbol of French nobility that has endured through the ages and crossed geographical and cultural boundaries. It refers to an ingrained history of prominent and distinguished French families who have made notable achievements and contributions to the world.

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Condre: Where does the name Condre come from?

The last name Condre is an uncommon surname today, but it was once most prevalent in France. Specifically, it appears to have originated from the region of Poitou in the western part of France.

The Condre family settled in Poitou around the 17th Century, when the area was still a powerful duchy. It is believed that the surname was derived from a Latin phrase meaning “of hounds”, indicating a possible link with the hunt.

The Condre surname is now mainly found in France, with some members of the family having migrated to the United States and Canada. In France, many of these individuals will still be living in or around Poitou, although others will have spread out to other parts of the country.

Outside of France, most of the last name Condre will be found in North American countries or in Australia and New Zealand, with the majority of those individuals being descendants of French immigrants. It is likely that the last name has become more rare in this century due to intermarriage, assimilation, and adoption of other surnames.

Based on historical and census records, the Condre surname is today one of the less common surnames found in France, North America, and other parts of the world. It remains, however, a unique and meaningful link to the past.

Variations of the surname Condre

The surname Condre is of French origin. Its variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin include:

1. Condrey

2. Condrais

3. Condraux

4. Contreau

5. Contrieux

6. Contreras

7. Contres

8. De Condrieu

9. Kondra

10. Kondre

11. Kondrea

12. Konrad

13. Konradi

14. Konrath

15. Conrad

16. Condera

17. Conderet

18. Condette

19. Condey

20. Condon

The origin of the name Condre can be traced back to the French town of Condrieu, located in the Rhone Valley. This name can be derived from the Latin word 'conditorium', which means 'place for storage' or 'harbor'.

The surname Condre is also found in parts of Britain, Germany and Austria. Variants of the name in these countries include Condor, Konrad, Conrod, Konrads, Conradsen and Kondritz.

In the United States, the Condre surname is most commonly found in the state of Texas, as well as in other parts of the Southwest and Midwest. Variants of the name there, too, include Condery, Condra, Condrat, Condon and Contrera.

Famous people with the name Condre

  • Fernando Condre: Mexican actor who also holds vocation in directing theatre and television, and with several awards and nominations under his belt.
  • Annette Condre: member of the European Parliament from 2004 to 2009, specializing in the policy of Social Cohesion and in the protection of society's most vulnerable groups.
  • Wilfredo Condre: Puerto Rican composer, arranger and guitarist who played in the legendary orchestra of Vincente Belmonte.
  • Vanessa Condre: French contemporary artist, best known for her work exploring the use of photography in relation to public spaces.
  • Samuel Condre: Colombian-American orchestra conductor who is currently the music director of the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia.
  • Nicole Condre: French author, playwright and actress, who won the 2018 Prix du jury at the Cinéma du réel festival for her feature docu-fiction ‘Le Loin’.
  • Toni Condre: Spanish actress, director and writer, best known for her work in the theater.
  • Juan Carlos Condre: Argentinian director, actor and producer. He is the founder of the theater company ‘Compañía de Teatro Rex’.
  • Manolo Condre: Spanish graphic designer, illustrator and street artist who works mainly with the idea of a multicultural world.
  • Joaquín Condre: Argentinian painter and sculptor, best known for his ‘rainbow art’ style.

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