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Surname Costa - Meaning and Origin

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Unravelling My Heritage: An Insightful Journey with iGENEA DNA and the Costa Lineage

Recently, I embarked on a fascinating journey into my lineage by taking the iGENEA DNA test. This highly technical process revealed my deep historical connections and genetically confirmed my Mediterranean ancestry. It's been an enlightening experience, shedding light on the origins of my surname, Costa, and confirming long-held assumptions about my heritage.

O. Costa

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Costa: What does the surname Costa mean?

The surname Costa is of Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese origin and it signifies 'coast' or 'slope'. It was a topographic name used for families or individuals who resided near a hillside or a riverbank. The name indicates the geographic location of a person’s residence. It's also a common last name in several countries including Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Brazil, reflecting the influence of several cultures and languages on this surname. Like many surnames, the spelling and pronunciation may vary in different regions and cultures. Over time, people migrated and settled in different places causing the name to spread in different countries. The name Costa can also be found as a first name in some cultures.

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Costa: Where does the name Costa come from?

The surname Costa is of Italian and Spanish origin, derived from the word 'costa', meaning 'coast,' 'slope,' or 'ribs'. In the Mediterranean region, this surname was often given to people who resided near a hillside, a riverbank, or the seacoast. It was also used to denote people originating from a place called Costa, which is a common town name in Italy and Portugal.

Today, this surname is common amongst people of Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish descent, making it prevalent in countries like Portugal, Italy, Spain, and their former colonies. For instance, Costa is a common surname in Brazil due to the Portuguese colonization of the country. In Spain, it's often found in Catalonia. The surname also gained global presence, particularly in the United States, Canada, and other parts of Europe. However, it's quite popular in Portugal and southern Italy.

Variations of the surname Costa

The surname Costa is of Italian, Portuguese and Spanish origin and translates to "coast" or "side" in English. The name originated as a geographical surname for those who lived near the coast or a slope.

There are several spelling variants and surnames of the same origin. In Portuguese, the surname could also be spelled as "Da Costa" which translates to "from the coast." In Italian, some variants include "Costello", "Costa-Cabrera", "Costantino", "Costanza" or "Costanzo". Spanish variants may include "De la Costa" or "Costas."

The surname can also be found with a prefix such as "La", for example, "La Costa". Various derivatives based on the root word can also be seen such as "Costal", "Costello", "Costi", "Costillo" or "Costa".

For those from a Sephardic Jewish background, the surname can also be spelled as "Costa" or "Da Costa". Some Jewish surnames of the same origin include "Coast", "Kosta", "Cuesto", "Kustan", "Kustain", "Costeira", "Costeiro", "Costao", "Coster" among others.

It's worth mentioning that the spelling variations of the surname can largely be influenced by the country, language, and culture of those bearing the name.

Famous people with the name Costa

  • Gabriella Costa: She is a famous journalist known for her work with the ABC network.
  • Albert Costa: He is a well-known professional tennis player from Spain.
  • Don Costa: An American arranger and record producer. He is well-known for the work he did with Frank Sinatra.
  • Paulo Costa: A mixed martial artist who competes in the Middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
  • Francesco Costa: An Italian journalist and Deputy Editor-in-chief of the Italian newspaper, Il Post.
  • Rui Costa: A retired Portuguese professional footballer who played as an attacking midfielder.
  • Diego Costa: A professional footballer who has played for the likes of Atletico Madrid and Chelsea FC.
  • Giovanni Costa: He was an Italian painter and one of the leading artists of the Macchiaioli.
  • Gina Costa: An American actress and model.
  • Emilio di Costa: He was a well-known Italian baritone.
  • Costa Ronin: A Russian-born New Zealand actor who is best known for his roles in shows like The Americans and Homeland.
  • Lisa Costa: A voice actress known for her work on numerous video games.
  • Milton Costa: A popular Portuguese singer.
  • Dominic Costa: A California-based politician.
  • Jean-Paul Costa: The previous president of the European Court of Human Rights.

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