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Surname Coste - Meaning and Origin

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I recently embarked on a journey of self-discovery by taking the iGENEA DNA test, probing into the origin, history, and culture intrinsic to my surname - Coste. The revelations about my roots, taking me back thousands of years, helped me understand my ancestors' lives and how their experiences might have shaped me.

T. Coste

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Coste: What does the surname Coste mean?

The surname Coste is of French origin and is derived from an Old French word 'coste', which translates to 'rib' or 'side.' Therefore, it was typically used as a topographic name for someone living on a slope, hillside, or coastal region. Additionally, it could also signify a nickname for a person with a curved spine or other distinctive physical feature. The surname Coste is prevalent in southern France. Like many surnames, the interpretation of 'Coste' may differ somewhat based on regional and historical usage. Despite that, names often revealed important information about the bearer's life, such as their occupation, location, physical attributes, or distinguishing traits.

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Coste: Where does the name Coste come from?

The surname Coste is of French origin. It's believed to have derived from the Old French word "coste" which means "side" or "rib". Historically, it may have been used as a nickname for someone who was thin or lived near a hillside or a slope. It could also refer to a person living on the coast.

The name was initially found in the regions of Languedoc and Provence in the south of France. Despite its French origin, Coste has spread to various parts of the world due to migration and colonization.

Today, it remains quite common in France, particularly in the southern regions. Outside France, the surname Coste also appears frequently in countries with significant French influence or presence, such as Canada, especially in the Quebec region, and somewhat in the United States. In the U.S, the highest concentration of people with the surname Coste live in New York. Besides, this name can also be found in Spanish-speaking countries as Coste can also be a variant of the Spanish surname Costa.

Variations of the surname Coste

The surname Coste is of French origin and has several variants and associated surnames. The variations of the surname Coste commonly include: Costes, De Coste, DeCoste, Costeau, Costes, Costé, Costey, Costie, and Couste. Sometimes, it may be found with prefixes or suffixes, such as LaCoste, De la Coste, or Coste-Loyrette.

The surname could also be anglicized or Americanized in various forms. For example, in English-speaking countries, it could be translated to Coast or Cost.

The Coste surname might be also linked to Italian Costi or Costa, Spanish Costa or Portuguese Costa, which all mean "coast" or "rib".

Similar surnames from other countries include the Dutch surname Koster, and the German surname Köster or Koster, deriving from the medieval profession of a sexton in a church, or the English surname Custer.

Keep in mind that the history of a surname often involves immigration and shifts in language, creating a variety of spellings over time and geography. Precise family ties can be confirmed by genetic testing or family records.

Famous people with the name Coste

  • Laurent Coste: A French rugby union player.
  • Pascal Coste: A French architect.
  • Rose Catherine Pinkney Coste: An entertainment executive in American television.
  • Margalet Coste: A Spanish writer.
  • Bernard Coste: A French movie actor.
  • Charles Pierre Claret de Fleurieu, comte de Coste: A French explorer.
  • Flavien-Claude Coste: A French music producer.
  • Maria Coste: An Argentine actress.
  • Jean-François Coste: A French physician and bioethicist.
  • Camille Coste: A French windsurfer.
  • Olivia Adriaco: Born Olivia Coste, she is known as a French TV presenter.
  • Eugenio Coste: An Argentine footballer.

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