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Surname Crabb - Meaning and Origin

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Crabb: What does the surname Crabb mean?

The last name Crabb is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from the Old English word "crabba," which means 'crab'. It was likely a nickname used to refer to someone with a peculiar gait, resembling the sideways walk of a crab, or someone with a bad temper or irritability, symbolizing the pinching claws of a crab. Alternatively, it could have been a name for someone who lived by a crab-tree or a house known by the sign of a crab. As with many surnames, over time, various spellings have been used including Crab, Crabbe, Crabb, and others. Most common in England, this surname can also be found in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

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Crabb: Where does the name Crabb come from?

The surname Crabb has both English and Scottish origins. In England, it is believed to derive from Middle English, Old English and Old Norse words meaning "crab", and it was possibly used as a nickname for a crabby or disagreeable person, or for someone who moved awkwardly like a crab. Whereas, in Scotland, the name Crabb is connected to the Gaelic personal name ‘MacRath’, which means ‘son of grace.’

The Crabb surname was first recorded in Somerset during the 12th century. Later, different branches of the Crabb family emerged in Scotland, particularly in Kincardineshire and Aberdeenshire. During the 17th and 18th centuries, many Scottish Crabbs emigrated to Ireland, America and Australia.

Today, people with the surname Crabb are found most frequently in the United States, specifically in Texas. It is also common in the United Kingdom, particularly in England, as well as in Australia and Canada. Research has also found a significant number of individuals with this surname living today in Guernsey and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Crabb

The surname Crabb has its origins in England, derived from the Old English word 'crabba' which could imply a crab like movement or could be a nickname related to a crab. Some of the primary variations of this name include Crab, Crabbe, Crabbs, and Krabbe. A slightly different variation with added letter 'y' would be Crabby.

A different form can be found in the name McCrabb, a surname that is from the combination of the Gaelic prefix "Mac" implying 'son of' and 'Crabb', denoting 'son of Crabb.'

There are also alternative spellings that represent similar surnames; these can include Cribb, Cribbs, and Cribbe. They are derived from the old English 'cribb' which is a form of 'crabba', making it of similar origin.

In Germany, Krabbe is a spelling variant with the same meaning and possibly related origin. In Dutch, the surname Krabbé can be found, again with a similar meaning.

These various spelling variants have disseminated globally with the movement of people, each of them maintaining a link with the original English surname Crabb.

Famous people with the name Crabb

  • Jason Crabb: An acclaimed Gospel singer and musician who has won multiple Grammy and Dove Awards.
  • Aaron Crabb: Another member of the popular Crabb Family musical group, who has also enjoyed a successful solo career.
  • Adam Crabb: A Southern Gospel singer who is part of the 'Gaither Vocal Band' as well as the Crabb Family.
  • Gerald Crabb: A gospel singer-songwriter and the father of Jason, Aaron, and Adam Crabb.
  • Terri Crabb: The mother of the Crabb siblings and a singer in the Crabb Family group.
  • Kelly Crabb: An influential media and entertainment lawyer working in the US.
  • Tony Crabb: A former Australian footballer who played for Hawthorn.
  • Bobby Crabb: An Australian footballer who played for St Kilda.
  • Andrew Crabb: An award-winning singer and songwriter.
  • Kathy Crabb Hannah: Inspirational speaker and author, also part of the Crabb Family.
  • Krystal Crabb: American gospel singer belonging to the Crabb Family.
  • Glenn Crabb: A former professional rugby league footballer in Australia.
  • Stan Crabb: A former Australian politician.
  • Barry Crabb: A cinematographer known for his work in Documentary and Reality TV.

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