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Surname Crable - Meaning and Origin

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Crable: What does the surname Crable mean?

The last name Crable can be traced back to the Germanic-speaking region of Europe prior to the 12th century. The name is thought to come from the German word "krabel," meaning "very thin." This could refer to a person who had a thin, spindly frame.

The surname Crable could also have been derived from the Old Germanic word "crebol," meaning a “bobbin turner”, or an occupation of one who worked with tools that twisted and spun thread or yarn. This could indicate the particular skill of craftsmanship of the original bearer of the name.

The Crable name is mainly in Germany, but some variations of the name can be found in Scotland, the United States, and scattered other places in the world. Early records of the Crable surname date back to Berthold Krabel in the 12th century, who lived in the German region of Swabia.

The current members of the Crable family have used the name for many generations, preserving its distinct German heritage. Those bearing the last name Crable are proud of their identity and look to the past to remember their unique history.

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Crable: Where does the name Crable come from?

The exact origin of the surname Crable is uncertain, but it likely has Germanic or English roots. In modern times, there are Crables spread across the United States and into parts of Canada. The surname is most common in the midwestern states of Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois, with small pockets of Crables in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. According to the United States Census of 2000, over 8,400 individuals in the U.S. bear the last name.

The surname is also quite common in the Southern states, particularly Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, and Arkansas. The 2000 U.S. Census found over 1,100 households with the name Crable in these states. Of this figure, approximately 53% of Crables resided in Kentucky, 21% in Virginia, and 10% in West Virginia.

Crable is also common in Canada, however the majority of these are Canadian-born immigrants who trace their ancestry back to the United States. The 2016 Canadian Census found 330 individuals with the surname, indicating that the name has likely been in Canada since the 19th century.

Given the diversity of where the surname can be found today, it is clear that the last name Crable has held its popularity over centuries. Its longevity is likely due to its simplicity and its countless variations, such as Crabb, Crabley, Crible, and many more.

Variations of the surname Crable

The surname Crable may be spelled or interpreted differently depending on the language or culture in which it is used. Variations and other spellings of the name include Craible, Creable, Criable, Carable, Carabill, Crabill, Crabl, and Krible.

This name is of Germanic origin, derived from the word “krabel” meaning “crab or lobster”. This name was most likely a nickname for someone with a physical feature such as a protruding or crooked nose, which could be compared to the body shape of a crab or lobster. Other variations of this name may have been derived from an old Germanic personal name, composed of the elements ‘krabu’ (curved) and ‘helm’ (helmet).

In some cases, the name Crable is an Americanized form of the German surname Krabel. In other countries, such as France, the name Carable is more common. The French spelling may have been influenced by the name’s middle French roots, potentially originating from ‘Carabel’, a diminutive of ‘Carabais’, which in turn derived from ‘carabus’ meaning ‘molide carabus’ or ‘clawed meat-eating animal’.

Other variants of the name include Carabill, Crabill, Krible and Kribble. All of these spellings may be linked to similar surnames found in English-speaking countries.

The last name Crable has endured different transformations over the years, but its meaning has remained the same. Its most commonly accepted spelling is Crable, however, many distinct variations still exist today.

Famous people with the name Crable

  • LaCurtis Crable: American football player
  • Adam Crable: American baseball player
  • Garrett Crable: American basketball player
  • Gunnar Crable: Australian rules footballer
  • Arnold Crable: American author
  • Rob Crable: American chef
  • David Crable: Australian rugby union footballer
  • Richard Crable: American politician
  • Harrison Crable: American actor
  • Dalton Crable: American musician

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