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Surname Croasdale - Meaning and Origin

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Croasdale: What does the surname Croasdale mean?

Croasdale is an English surname of Anglo-Saxon origin. It derives from words meaning 'the cross valley dweller', indicating a location in a valley crossed by a river. This Anglo-Saxon name was passed down through generations and the surname is still used in some parts of Britain today.

The Croasdale surname has been distinct since at least the mid-15th century in England and Wales, when records indicate its use there. Records of the same surname have been found in several U.S. states since before the Revolutionary War. In some cases, the surname Croasdale was changed to the more common Crowe due to spelling errors in the records. These records include wills, land grants and other official documents.

The Croasdale family can trace its roots back to Lancashire, where the name is most commonly found. The family was made up of small villages throughout north Lancashire and Yorkshire, with some members even engaging in minor mercantile activities.

Today, the Croasdale surname is no longer concentrated in either Lancashire or Yorkshire, and can be found all throughout England and Wales. The Croasdale name also continues to be found in the United States and still shows up relatively frequently in records. As such, People with the Croasdale surname can assume that other family members with similar names can be found throughout the English-speaking world.

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Croasdale: Where does the name Croasdale come from?

The last name Croasdale is most common in Lancashire, England. Lancashire is a creamy-white glacial sedimentary rock found only in the Lake District of the United Kingdom and is the only place that this surname is found. It is believed to have originated from the village of Croasdale and dates back to around the 16th century. It is possible that settlers from the area brought the name to Lancashire.

Today, Croasdale is most often found in northern England near Liverpool, Blackburn, Moorhead, Preston, Leigh, and Stockport. It is also occasionally found in Scotland, New Zealand, and North America. The surname is quite rare, however, with only about 2,000 people bearing the name worldwide.

Croasdales are often known for their strong ties to the community, for their caring and generous natures, and for their business savvy. They are a creative and vibrant part of any society in which they live. They thrive in areas where there is a great sense of family and community, and are focused on contributing to the betterment of their communities.

Variations of the surname Croasdale

Croasdale is a surname of English origin that can be spelled in various ways, including Croasdal, Crossdale, Crosdale, Crozdale, Crozdall and Crosdell.

Croasdale is derived from the Norman-French word "Crosse" and "dale," indicating a person from a place known as the "Cross Valley." It is also believed to be derived from a location in the Lancashire region of England of the same name.

Croasdales of Anglo-Saxon descent were among the earliest settlers of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Cornwall and London. In the U.S., people with the last name Croasdale have settled in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts and New York.

The surname is found in various combinations in other countries. In Scotland, it is spelled as Crossdal, Crosdale and Crosdell. In France, it is sometimes spelled as Croquelesel. Additionally, variations such as Croisdale and Croisdall are found in some parts of Europe, as well as in Australia.

In the early 19th century, many Croasdales moved to South Africa, where they settled in various places across the country, such as the Western Cape and Natal.

Throughout the world, this surname is associated with various other forms, such as Croasdell, Crossdale and Croisdell. Interestingly, some members of the Croasdale family in Australia have adopted the additional surname of "Crozdale," suggesting the original Croasdale line has been retained for generations.

In conclusion, the surname Croasdale is of Anglo-Saxon origin and can be found in various variants across the globe.

Famous people with the name Croasdale

  • Harry Croasdale, a former footballer who played for Burnley and Middlesbrough.
  • Ashley Croasdale, a professional snowboarder from the United States.
  • Yolanda Croasdale, an American crossfit athlete.
  • Paul Croasdale, an American musician and artist.
  • J. R. Croasdale, an American television producer.
  • Jack Croasdale, an English cricketer.
  • Dorothy Croasdale, an English music hall performer.
  • Jessie Croasdale, an English actress who was part of the original cast of The BBC's Casualty.
  • Willmott Croasdale, an English film director who directed the 1952 comedy, The Long Long Trail.
  • Carl Croasdale, a former professional American football player who played for the New York Giants in the 1950s.

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