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Surname Croes - Meaning and Origin

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Croes: What does the surname Croes mean?

The last name Croes is of Dutch origin and has its roots in Holland. It is a patronymic surname that originated from the personal name "Kroes", which is an old Dutch variant of the name "Nicholas". This name was derived from the Greek name "Nikolaos", meaning "victory of the people".

The original family that bore the Croes surname resided in the Netherlands since at least the mid-1400s and, since then, the name became a prominent name in the region. It can be found in various historical records, such as legal documents and official documents from the Netherlands.

The Croes surname also recorded its first appearance in Catholic records of the Netherlands where most of the those bearing the surname were Catholic members. In addition, the Croes surname was also found in many villages in the Netherlands, indicating the surname's widespread presence in the country over the centuries.

The Croes surname has also spread to other countries. People with the Croes surname can now be found in countries all over the world such as the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa and more.

The modern day Croes family members still bear the same Dutch heritage and tradition, keeping their Dutch cultural values and beliefs alive whenever they can. The meaning of the surname Croes, that is "victory of the people", still holds true and every member of the family still strives for glory.

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Croes: Where does the name Croes come from?

The last name Croes is most common in Belgium, specifically the Belgian region of Flanders. In this region, there are roughly 3,100 people who currently bear the name, according to statistical records. The number of individuals with the surname is even more for the entire country, with an estimated 7,900 people in Belgium bearing the name Croes.

The origins of the surname of Croes are mostly attributed to the region of Flanders. It is thought that the name comes from a nickname derived from the Old Dutch of “Kroes” for someone with curly, unruly hair. The name also has appeared as “Kroos” in the Netherlands; however, in contrast to Belgium, the surname is much less common in this region with about 500 people bearing the name.

The surname is also found in other areas across Europe, such as France, Germany, and Poland. As Europe has seen much emigration and immigration in the past centuries, the surname also is found in other parts of the world, such as the United States, where there are an estimated 4000 people who have the last name of Croes.

So, while the last name Croes is particularly popular in Flanders at the moment, the surname has seen its diaspora reach other places around the world.

Variations of the surname Croes

Surnames of the same origin as Croes typically originate from either an old French or English origin, with the spelling variants being Crouse, Cruse, and Crusse. All of these spellings are derived from the Latin crux meaning “cross” or “a point of intersection.” Historians believe the surname was likely created in the Middle Ages to indicate an individual’s religious devotion.

The French Croes surname is derived from the Latin word crescius which roughly translates to “dextrous or skillful” in English. It’s believed the surname intended to denote someone of skillful reputation or origin.

English variants of Croes generally stem from the Old English word cres and denote an individual’s location - someone “from the cross.”

Common variants of the Croes surname found in the US are Cross, Crosse, and Cruse. However, all of these variants and spellings typically lead back to either the French or English origin of the name Croes.

Surnames with the same origins as Croes may also include Cruickshank, Crux, Crooke, Crouch, Cruikshank, Crocks, and Cruce.

Famous people with the name Croes

  • Darvin Croes: a professional soccer player from the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao, known for winning the Curaçao National Championship in 2018.
  • Florence Estefanía Croes: a politician from Aruba, who was the Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labour.
  • Ray Croes: a car racing driver from the Netherlands, known for competing in the nation's championship Dutch Supercar Challenge.
  • Joram van Klaveren: a former Dutch politician of the right-wing Party for Freedom, who currently works as a journalist.
  • Hans Croes: a retired soccer player from Curaçao, who was the captain of the Curaçao National Team during their 2011 ascension to their first ever Caribbean Cup.
  • Cynthia Croes: an 11-year-old Dutch singer who has already found success in her home country with award-winning singles.
  • Diego Croes: a famous Dutch YouTuber and journalist, with his channel reaching over 1.3 million subscribers.
  • Thais Croes: Director of Human Resources for the U.S. Department of Justice, who previously served as the department's Senior Attorney in the Criminal Division.
  • Geronimo Croes: a Dutch filmmaker from Curacao, known for his 2015 documentary,. Who Am I Afraid Of?
  • Chantal Croes: one of the prominent faces in the Netherland's television industry, starring in several shows and movies, such as King of the Dutch.

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