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Surname Croesen - Meaning and Origin

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Croesen: What does the surname Croesen mean?

The last name Croesen is most commonly found in the Netherlands, and is of Dutch and Frisian origin. It is an occupational name, indicating that someone with this last name was likely an inheritor of land. Specifically, Croesen is derived from the Dutch verb "kruisen," which in English translates to “to cross.” As such, someone with the last name Croesen may have either been a ferryman or a toll collector. In the Dutch language, it may have also carried farm or land-owning connotations, symbolizing a mark that is made on a boundary indicating a property as being owned or leased. It is also possible that the family were named for a region of crossed land, known as a “kruis” in Dutch.

Croesen appears in many different spellings, such as Kroes, Kruis, and Kruize. Despite the variation of spellings, it is commonly thought that the Croesen surname is related to the same elongated family. Croesen families are not very common and are thought to be relatively rare. People with this last name are widely distributed across the Netherlands in places like Friesland and North Holland and can also be found in Australia, Canada, and the United States.

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Croesen: Where does the name Croesen come from?

The Croesen surname is common in Germany, the Netherlands, and other parts of Europe, and is primarily concentrated in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, and Baden-Württemberg in Germany. The name is of Dutch origin and is derived from the Dutch word 'Kroesen', meaning 'a bunch of cut flowers'.

The Germanic spelling of the Croesen surname is 'Krohsen', which is the form most commonly found in Germany today. The name is most common in the northern region of Germany, especially in Hamburg, where more than 1,000 people bear the name as of 2008. The name is also found in other areas of northern Germany, particularly in Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, and Baden-Württemberg.

The Netherlands has the highest population of people with the last name Croesen, although the name is also found in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries with Germanic roots.

The Croesen name is still popular in Europe, and is used by many families across the continent. In Germany, the name remains concentrated in the northern region, particularly in Hamburg and surrounding areas such as Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, and Baden-Württemberg. The name is also quite common in the Netherlands and is found in other countries with large Germanic populations. The Croesen surname is still very popular and used by many people worldwide today.

Variations of the surname Croesen

The surname Croesen is derived from the Dutch word ‘Kruisen’ which in English translates to ‘Crosses’. This surname is connected to several other surnames, variant spellings and forms which are closely related to each other.

Some of these are Croecke, Croesen, Crussen, Crucke, Kruisen, Krucke, Krogen, and Kroesen. The Dutch spelling of this surname is often spelt as Krosen, Kroezen and Kroezem. The translations for these variants would be Krossen, Kroezen and Kruszen respectively.

In Dutch history the Croesen (Kruisen) surname is of great significance. It has been associated with influential families in pre-modern Europe since the late Middle Ages. Many of these families had holdings in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and Sweden.

In the United States, variants of the surname Croesen are also popular. The closest variants are Crocke, Crosen, Crussen, Crucke, and Krucke. Spelling variations on the surname exist in areas where German and Dutch descendants settled such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Texas. Additionally, the surnames Croesen and Kruisen are recorded among Dutch settlers in South Africa.

The surname Croesen is also often associated with German names in the United States, such as Kroesen, Krogen, and Kroezem. The spelling of the surname has undergone many variations over the centuries due to mistranscription or cultural assimilation. Because of this, one can expect to encounter several versions of the same name.

Famous people with the name Croesen

  • Stan Croesen: Dutch football midfielder who played for Twente, NEC and RKC Waalwijk.
  • Joost Croesen: Dutch actor, producer, and writer, known best for his role in the Dutch films Misery Harbor and Blanke Jongens.
  • Peter Croesen: Dutch rower who competed in the 1992 Summer Olympics.
  • Willy Croesen: Dutch former football referee who officiated the 1994 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.
  • John Croesen: Angolan professional basketball player who competed in the National Flag Basketball League.
  • Bart Croesen: Dutch television news presenter at RTL 4.
  • Ber Grigoropoulos-Croesen: Curaçaoan professional footballer who plays for Reggina in the Italian Serie B.
  • Kees Croesen: Dutch football and futsal player who is currently a manager in VfL Westerkappeln.
  • Harry Croesen: Dutch musician, best known for being the lead guitar in the Dutch-Indonesian band, The Bootles.
  • Emma Croesen: Dutch model and Instagram star.

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