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Surname D'Autrey - Meaning and Origin

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D'Autrey: What does the surname D'Autrey mean?

The last name D'Autrey is of French origin, which signifies that someone of the family originates from the region of Autun. This is an ancient Roman city in eastern France, founded in the year 10 BC by the Roman conquerors. This is a common name in France, and it can also be recognized as “d’Autun” or “d’Autray.”

The literal meaning of the name is “from Autun”, referencing the city where the family came from. The name likely dates back to medieval times, when family names derived from the place of origin. It is probable that the family’s ancestors were among the local population who decided to remain in the city and make it the focus of their roots.

The name D'Autrey is renowned for the nobility and distinction associated with it, signifying status and prestige among the French population. It’s likely that the family previously held a notable social standing, most probably through some form of military service or political power. This could explain the widespread popularity of the name, which is still in use today.

Based on the meaning and history of the last name D’Autrey, it’s clear that those who bear it belong to a family with a long-standing lineage with deep roots in the French culture. It signifies a proud sense of family heritage and also could denote a connection to the nobility and power of the past.

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D'Autrey: Where does the name D'Autrey come from?

The last name D'Autrey is commonly found in France, where the name is believed to have originated. The name is derived from the French personal name Authier, a form of the Latin name Altharius. In France, during the Middle Ages, when people began taking hereditary surnames, the last name D'Autrey became established. Today, the name is still common in Europe, particularly in France.

In the United States, the name is less widespread and is concentrated in three states: Louisiana, Georgia, and North Carolina. The name first appeared in the United States in the 18th century with refugees from Louisiana fleeing the Cajun Expulsion of 1755, which saw many Acadians, some of whom were of the D'Autrey name, displaced when they did not pledge allegiance to the King of France.

In the 21st century, the last name D'Autrey is most commonly found in Louisiana, as is the case with most French surnames. The majority of the Louisiana-based families are found in the state's southeastern region, a region which, even today, still holds a large French-speaking population. The last name can also be found in other parts of the United States, including in Colorado, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, and South Dakota, as well as other countries such as Canada, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname D'Autrey

The surname D'Autrey is an old French surname of aristocratic origin meaning ‘of Autrey’. Spelling variations of this surname include D'Autray, D'Autrie, D'Autrye, D'Autriez, D'Autri, de Autrey, and Autrey. It is also found in other variants such as Audray, Autier, Autray, Autrai, Autrie, Autry, Autriez, Autri, Autre, and Autri.

Surnames related to D'Autrey are mainly French and include Autreux, Autry, Audouin, Autin, Authier, Authouart, Autut, D'Autrey, Autrechard, Autrye, Authouart, Aut Arthur, Autrey, and Autremėt. There are also other surnames such as D’Authouart and d’Autrian which share the same roots as D’Autrey.

Likewise, there are other names deriving from D'Autrey such as D'Autreche, D'Autremoz, D'Autremont, D'Autreuille, D'Autreye, D'Autreille, D'Autremont, D'Autreux, d’Autrechaud, and D'Autreye.

The D'Autrey surname is found around the world. It is mainly associated with the French but it may have spread to other countries and territories with people who carried the name. There may also be derivations of this surname in other languages such as Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

In conclusion, the surname D'Autrey has many variants, spellings, and related surnames. The surname has its origins in France and is likely to have spread to other countries and languages over the course of time. There are also derivations of the surname found in many other countries.

Famous people with the name D'Autrey

  • Maryse D'Autrey: French actress
  • Auguste D'Autrey: French aristocrat and soldier who rose to the rank of general
  • Jean-Jacques d'Autrey: French historian who wrote an essay on the history of Bas-Rhin Province in 1858
  • Samuel D'Autrey: French politician who became mayor of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, Rhône-Alpes in 1945
  • Jacques D'Autrey: French Baroque composer
  • Michel D'Autrey: French writer, translator, historian and librarian
  • Marius D'Autrey: French actor
  • Louise d'Autrey: French actress
  • Paul D'Autrey: French politician, lawyer and journalist
  • Étienne-Nicolas D'Autrey: French sculptor who created many monuments in the northeast of France.

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