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Surname D'Autry - Meaning and Origin

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D'Autry: What does the surname D'Autry mean?

The last name D'Autry is a French surname that originated in Normandy in the Middle Ages. It's derived from the old French locative, or place, name d'Autry, which means "of Autry." Autry was the name of a region in Northern France that was known for its high population of noble and wealthy landowners. In some cases the name may have been taken on as a result of a landowner's residency in the Autry area.

Today, the D'Autry surname is most commonly found in French families, particularly those descended from French-speaking immigrants from Quebec or Louisiana. Although the name itself is a purely French-language name, bearers of the name D'Autry may have French, German, Irish, Dutch, or other ethnic roots.

The meaning of the name itself is not entirely clear, as it doesn't appear to be directly linked to a particular first name. There is an old French word, "auter," which means "to increase" or "accumulate," and may carry some weight in understanding the name. In general, D'Autry translates to mean "from the Autry area," referring to the area of Normandy from which it originated.

The D'Autry surname can be found in many parts of the world today, serving as a reminder of the families who lived and worked in Autry many centuries ago. Equally fascinating is the thought that the original D'Autry families likely traveled far and wide, leaving descendants across the globe who still bear their proud French-language last name.

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D'Autry: Where does the name D'Autry come from?

The last name D'Autry is a French surname derived from the Latin Autrix, meaning "of the oak tree". It is found mainly in southern France, especially in the areas surrounding Paris, as well as in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States.

In the United States, D'Autry is especially predominant in the southern and southeastern states. Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Tennessee have the highest concentration of individuals with this surname. It is also relatively common in Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina. It is these states where the name D'Autry is most associated today.

What is interesting about the D'Autry surname is that the area most densely populated by individuals with this last name corresponds to the region that was historically occupied by the Cajun and Creole peoples. Whether or not this correlation is a coincidence or evidence of some ancestral link to these ethnic groups is still unknown. This question remains largely unanswered, as the population density of individuals with this last name in the Cajun-Creole region has grown steadily since the early 19th Century.

Overall, the surname D'Autry is primarily concentrated in the southern United States, but can be found throughout the world. It is also associated with the Cajun and Creole people, even though the ancestry of individuals with this last name remains a mystery.

Variations of the surname D'Autry

The surname D'Autry is a variation of the French name D'Autre, which can be spelled in a variety of ways, including D'Autre, D'Autrie, D'Ostre, and D'Autrye. Additionally, alternative spellings of this surname may include Autrey, Autry, Autrie, Ostre, and Autrye.

Generally, the surname D'Autry has French roots and is a variation of the French surname d'Ostre. This surname originated with the Gallo-Roman "Au" prefix, which was commonly used in the French language and referred to a person living on a piece of land.

The surname D'Autry is thought to be derived from the Old French word d'Ostre, meaning "from the oak tree." The connection between the d’Ostre and d'Autry families can be traced to certain records of the 14th century, which suggest that the pedigrees of both these families were identical.

Derivatives of the French surname D’Autry have also been found in the United States as well as in English-speaking countries, particularly Canada and Australia. In the U.S., alternative spellings of the surname include Autry, Autorie, and Autrye, and variations of the spelling such as Autrey and Autrie have also been seen.

Furthermore, due to the presence of intermarriage between French and English families during the 1700s, dialects of the surname D'Autry include D’Autre and D'Ostre, thus further adding to the variety of surnames derived from a similar origin.

Famous people with the name D'Autry

  • Johnny D'Autry, an American film actor and Academy Award winner for Best Actor in the 1935 film, The Informer.
  • Hilton D'Autry, an American actor and singer best known for his role in Elvis Presley's 1968 musical film, Speedway.
  • Denise D'Autry, an American dancer and the principal dancer for the New York City Ballet.
  • Mason D'Autry, an English soccer player who had a long career playing in several teams in the English Premiere League.
  • Joseph D'Autry, an American jazz pianist and composer.
  • Steve D'Autry, an American basketball player who played in the NBA for the Golden State Warriors.
  • David D'Autry, an American actor and philanthropist noted for his work in the theater and with young people.
  • Kenneth D'Autry, an African-American who served as the mayor of Savannah, Georgia from 1973 to 1981.
  • Justin D'Autry, a French film producer and director best known for his award-winning work on the 2008 drama film, La Vie en Rose.
  • Jean-Marc D'Autry, a French politician and member of the National Assembly during the time of the French Revolution.

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