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Surname d'Entremont - Meaning and Origin

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d'Entremont: What does the surname d'Entremont mean?

The name d'Entremont is believed to be of French origin and is associated with places in France, such as the communes of Saint-Jean-des-Champs and La Ferrière-d'Entremont in Calvados. The name likely originated in the Middle Ages when “d” was used to designate a person in the feudal system who was a lord of an entremont or estate. The name translates to "of the mount" or “from the mountain”.

It is believed that the d'Entremont family eventually migrated to New France or Canada during the mid-17th century. The original spelling of the name is believed to have been d'Estremont, though variations of the spelling are present in both France and Canada.

Today, there are many variants of the name d'Entremont in Canada, including d'Entrement, d'Entraimont, d'Entremoufl and d'Entremund. The final variant, d'Entremund, is associated with a small community in Nova Scotia, often referred to as the ‘d’Entrement district’. This is likely because many of the family members have a common heritage from the settlers of the region.

The d'Entremont surname is typically found in areas of the Maritimes such as New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec. It is also common in many parts of the United States, such as New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine. The name d'Entremont is still widely used and carries a long and proud history with it.

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d'Entremont: Where does the name d'Entremont come from?

The surname d'Entremont is a French-origin family name that is primarily associated with the Acadian population of modern Canada. The d'Entremonts are the founders of Pubnico, Nova Scotia; this is the oldest Acadian village in the country. The surname is most commonly found in the Maritime Provinces of Eastern Canada, particularly in the regions of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. The d'Entremonts have a long history of fishing in the area and remain a prominent fishing family today.

The d'Entremonts were amongst the first settlers in the Maritimes and established close ties with Aboriginal peoples in the region. The name d'Entremont means "of the mountain" or "of the high place". This likely refers to the somewhat mountainous land which is typical of the area today.

The name d'Entremont and its variants is still widely found in the Maritimes. It is also quite popular on Prince Edward Island where it is second only to the MacDonald family in terms of frequency among the population. The d'Entremonts are also found in France, in particular, the Vendée region. They also maintain strong cultural ties with France and make frequent trips back to their ancestral homeland.

Overall, the d'Entremont surname is still very much alive today in the Maritime Provinces of Canada and the Vendée region of France, and is a reminder of the Acadian history of Eastern Canada.

Variations of the surname d'Entremont

The surname d'Entremont has a few different variants, spellings, and names of the same origin. These may include d'Entremont, Entremonte, Entremond, Entremo, d’Entremont, Entremontes, Entremonts, Entremount, Entremound, Entremunt and Entrenount.

The root of this surname is thought to come from the regions of France, Normandy, Poitou-Charentes, and Brittany. It is also believed to be a toponymic name, as the exact origin is unknown. This means it may have been derived from a place or region.

As these regions were once heavily populated by early Celtic Celts while later Romans and Franks moved into the area, this place likely existed prior to the 8th century. This suggests that the name could have originated during the Gallo-Roman period.

The spelling of d'Entremont could have various origins. For example, the name could have been derived from the Latin prefix “de” meaning “from” combined with the name of a location. Additionally, the spelling may also be the result of the customs of writing in the Romance language during the Middle Ages.

The spelling and variants of the name have been slowly evolving over time, allowing for slight variations and adaptations to occur. Moreover, in North America it is possible to find further variations of this surname including D’Entremont, Entremont, and Entrahmont.

Famous people with the name d'Entremont

  • Alfred-Ehrhardt d'Entremont, officer in the Canadian Army during World War II;
  • Richard d'Entremont, was a Canadian soldier who was one of the last Canadian soldiers of the Second World War;
  • Abbé Marcel d'Entremont, Roman Catholic priest from Nova Scotia;
  • Édouard-Joseph d’Entremont, Canadian federal Member of Parliament;
  • Timothy d’Entremont, professor of French and Spanish at Notre Dame University;
  • Antoine d'Entremont, actor, known for his work in "The Boys Of St. Vincent";
  • Jacques d'Entremont, Canadian maritime shipping executive;
  • Jacqueline d'Entremont, tennis player who was a three-time Canadian singles champion;
  • Pierre d'Entremont, French-Canadian singer, songwriter, and musician;
  • Yvan d'Entremont, a Canadian computer scientist, professor of software engineering at Université de Sherbrooke.

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d'Entremont or/ou D'Entremont

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