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Surname d'Entremont or/ou D'Entremont - Meaning and Origin

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d'Entremont or/ou D'Entremont: What does the surname d'Entremont or/ou D'Entremont mean?

The last name d'Entremont (or D'Entremont) is a French surname which translates to "from within the mountain." The surname originates from the region of Normandy in Northwestern France, an area also known as Estremont.

Estremont, literally meaning "extreme mountain," was named after the large mountainous terrain in the area which runs along the La Manche coastline. There are several theories on how d'Entremont came to be a surname. One states that it was adopted as a name conveying the nobility of the familial line descended from these mountain lords.

Another theory suggests the name was given to honor ancestors whose bravery was exhibited during a battle. Nearly two centuries later, there are numerous influential members of the d'Entremont family throughout the world; in politics, finance, education, and even shipbuilding and maritime expeditions.

The family is also part of a branch of the Order of Saint Lazarus, a chivalric order of knights founded in the 11th century. This charitable order was commissioned to protect pilgrims and holy sites in the Christian Holy Land, and remains an active participant in many charitable causes today.

By working together, the members of the d'Entremont family have undoubtedly made many contributions to the world of today. From their French roots planted deep in the "extreme mountain," this surname has evolved into a symbol of success, strength, and nobility.

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d'Entremont or/ou D'Entremont: Where does the name d'Entremont or/ou D'Entremont come from?

The surnames D'Entremont and d'Entremont are most commonly found today in Southwestern France and parts of Quebec, Canada. Originating in Poitou-Charentes, France, the name has been in use for centuries but was most closely associated with a single noble family, known as the House of Entremont, which ruled the area for centuries.

The D'Entremont family are believed to be descended from noble clans in Normandy or the Court of Vendome in the 11th century and given the seigneurie of Tregomar in Poitou-Charentes. They rose to prominence with their descendants serving as mayors of Fontenay-le-Comte for hundreds of years.

Today, the D'Entremont and d'Entremont names are still found in many parts of France, with the highest concentrations being in and around Poitou-Charentes and the southern regions of the country, specifically along the Atlantic coast. Still, the name is most widely recognized in the Canadian province of Quebec, which was heavily influenced by French settlement and culture.

Here, the D'Entremont and d'Entremont surnames are especially popular among the Acadian people who settled in the area in the 1600s and 1700s after being expelled from their homeland in France. In Quebec, these names are found in some of the largest cities and towns, such as Montreal and Quebec City.

Variations of the surname d'Entremont or/ou D'Entremont

The most common variants of the surname d'Entremont or/ou D'Entremont are D'Entremont, d'Entremount, d'Entrement, d’Entremont, dEntremont, Trenan and Trépanier.

The surname d'Entremont/D'Entremont is thought to have originated as a nickname for an individual with a distinct flavour, flavourful speaking style or manner. It has been derived from the Old French word entremonter, meaning "to speak with distinction".

The French version of the surname was most commonly written as d'Entremont/D'Entremont, but it has also been spelled d'Entremount, d'Entrement, d’Entremont, dEntremont, and in some cases, Trenan and Trépanier. These extra spellings or variants of the surname have emerged over time due to the shifting pronunciation of various family lines.

The surname d'Entremont/D'Entremont was most prominent among the families of French Canada, however, it is associated with a few other families outside of French dialects. Namely, these include the Trépanier families of France, Belgium and Switzerland, as well as families of d'Entremount, d'Entrement, d’Entremont, and dEntremont in many English-speaking countries.

The exact origins of the d'Entremont/D'Entremont surname are unclear. It is thought to have originated in the Brittany region of France. However, the roots of this surname are likely to have some connection with the ancient Normans, as various mentions of the surname are made in Old French and Latin writings.

Regardless of its exact origin, the surname d'Entremont/D'Entremont has endured across hundreds of years, gaining a global presence. It is one of those rare French surnames that has been held as a point of honour and family pride for centuries.

Famous people with the name d'Entremont or/ou D'Entremont

  • Robert D'Entremont: Canadian politician and former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.
  • Alex D'Entremont: American football quarterback for the East Carolina University Pirates.
  • Édouard d'Entremont: French-born physician, civil servant, and the first French Canadian appointed as a Minister of the Crown in Canada.
  • Tyson D'Entremont: Canadian ice hockey defenceman.
  • Marcel D'Entremont: Canadian politician and lawyer.
  • Michel d'Entremont: 11th Mayor of Montreal.
  • François D'Entremont: Canadian political figure in Nova Scotia and member of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia from 1874 to 1882.
  • Seán D'Entremont: Canadian journalist, podcast host, and documentary filmmaker.
  • Tilly d'Entremont: Canadian Paralympic swimmer and world record holder.
  • François-Xavier d'Entremont: Canadian politician and member of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia from 1882 to 1887.

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