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Surname D'Arcy - Meaning and Origin

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D'Arcy: What does the surname D'Arcy mean?

The last name D'Arcy is French in origin and traditionally descends from the Norman French "de Arcy". It is also related to the Irish name "O'Dorchaidhe" from the Gaelic "O'Dorchaidhe", which itself is derived from "d'Arcy".

The surname D'Arcy dates back to the 12th century in England. It is one of many Norman French names related to the conquest of Ireland. The original Celtic family of O'Dorchaidhe, known as the kings of Carbury, was granted lands in both Ireland and England following the Norman invasion.

The name D'Arcy has been adopted by many noble and royal families throughout history. It is a extremaly common name in both Ireland and England and has been referred to in writings ranging from historical documents to famous literature. It has been found in areas all over Europe including France, Spain, Scotland and Italy.

Since its origins, the surname has acquired various meanings. As an English name, D'arcy means "from Arcy". In French, the name can be interpreted to mean "from the oak-land" or "from the high ground". In Ireland or Scotland, it has been interpreted to mean "son of the dark one" or "son of the troubadour".

The name D'arcy has been an influential part of the world's history, spreading across a variety of cultures, languages and countries. It has taken on several meanings, but continues to be associated with its historically significant roots in England and Ireland.

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D'Arcy: Where does the name D'Arcy come from?

The last name D'Arcy is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States. In the UK it is mainly associated with the south of England, the Midlands, and Wales. It is also most strongly associated with Ireland and is thought to have originated in County Clare. There are some clusters in Mayo and Roscommon as well.

In the United States, the name is most common in areas where Irish and English immigrants settled. This includes areas of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Massachusetts. The name is particularly common in Irish-American and English-American families across the country.

In Canada, the last name is typically linked to Canadian families of Irish and English descent concentrated in the Maritime provinces.

In general, the name D'Arcy originated as a patronymic for "of Arcy" or "Son of Arcy". Although the specific origin of the name is currently unknown, it is believed to have originated with a noble French family.

Variations of the surname D'Arcy

The surname D’Arcy is of Norman French origin and is derived from the old French personal name d'Arcie or d’Arcy. It is derived from the Latin arca, which translates to “chest” or “strongbox”. This Anglo-Norman surname is found most commonly in the Anglo-Irish regions in Northern Ireland and Scotland and in the English Midlands.

Variants of the D’Arcy surname include Darcy, Darcey, Darcee, d’Arcey, d’Arcee and Darsee. Spellings of the surname include D’Arcy, D’Aarcy, D’Arcie, Darce, Darcee, Darcey, Darci, Darcy, Darcee, Darcye, Darsi, Darsy and Darsie. Common surnames of the same origin include Darsy, Darkcy, Darsey, Darcy, Darcee, Darcey, D’Arcey and Darkie.

The most common variant of the surname in Ireland is Darcy or D’Arcy while in Scotland it is Darcey, Darcee, or Darcy. In the Midlands of England, Darcey or D’Arcy is the most commonly found spelling.

D’Arcy is also a popular given name in Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It is often used as a short form of other surnames like Darcy, D’Arc- and Darcey, and is commonly used in combination with other surnames like D’Arcy-Dawson and D’Arcy-MacDonald.

Famous people with the name D'Arcy

  • Thomas D’Arcy McGee, an Irish-Canadian politician who was a Father of Canadian Confederation
  • Katie D'Arcy, an Irish actress
  • Peter D'Arcy, a British actor
  • Lilias D'Arcy, a British actress
  • John D'Arcy, an English actor
  • Matthew D'Arcy, an Irish-born artist
  • Joe D'Arcy, an Irish actor
  • Michael D'Arcy, an Irish Fine Gael politician
  • Kit D'Arcy, an English actor
  • Wendy D'Arcy, an English film and television actress
  • Tony D'Arcy, an Irish actor
  • Andrew D'Arcy, an English jazz guitarist
  • Alan D'Arcy, an English actor
  • Phillip D'Arcy, an Irish professional golfer
  • Maria D'Arcy, an Australian author
  • Harry D'Arcy, an English actor
  • Shane D'Arcy, an Irish former hurler
  • Simon D'Arcy, an English singer-songwriter
  • Maria D'Arcy, an Australian actress
  • William D'Arcy, an English actor

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