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Surname D' Turck - Meaning and Origin

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D' Turck: What does the surname D' Turck mean?

The last name D’ Turck is of French origin and is an anglicized version of the French "D’Turcq." The root of the name is derived from the French word “turc” which is used to describe people who have Turkish origins.

The name is likely to come from the name of a particular family who kept the name “D’Turcq” and had ancestors with Turkish heritage. It is possible that the family were from the region of Anatolia which is now part of modern-day Turkey, as the people of this area had close commercial ties with many parts of Europe during the Middle Ages. The name may also have been used by French families who adopted the last name D’Turcq when they returned from trading in the area.

In some cases, the spelling of the name has been changed over time and the name is now written as “D’Turck”, typically in the United States. It is currently found as a surname in France, Belgium, Canada, the United States, and other countries.

The modern surname D’ Turck reminds us of the importance of the trade between Turkey and Europe and of the mobility of people in past centuries. While it might not tell us the exact origins of a particular family, it does hint at a possible Turkish heritage.

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D' Turck: Where does the name D' Turck come from?

The last name D'Turck is of French origin, and is associated with a noble family from the city of Oudenarde in East Flanders, Belgium. It is generally believed to have been founded in the early 13th century and was once one of the most prominent families in the Netherlands. Today, the D'Turck name is still fairly common in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe, especially in Flanders and parts of the Netherlands. The name is also seen in the former Belgian colony of Congo, where it is said to have been adopted by colonists and missionaries who had encountered the family during their travels in Belgium.

In America, descendants of the D'Turck family are more spread out and can be found in many areas. In Eastern North America, especially around Philadelphia, there are many families of British descent who carry the name, while in various parts of the Midwest, it is more common among German-speaking Americans. Even further West, from Arizona to California, and as far as the Pacific Northwest, these D'Turcks live alongside various other immigrant families and often mix their family histories with those of their adopted homes. Additionally, the name D'Turck is also seen in colonial French and Dutch Louisiana, where it is associated with colonial traders, planters, and Indian agents.

All in all, the D'Turck family can be seen in many different parts of the world, and their legacy continues to live on. While few of the family members left Belgium, their influence is still present in many places around the world, from East Flanders to East Coast America and beyond.

Variations of the surname D' Turck

The surname D'Turck is derived from the German name Türck, a variant of the longer surname Türckheim or Türckheimer. The German word "turk" means "German", and the family name stems from one ancestor who was of German origin. The origin of the surname D' Turck can be traced back to the migration of German-speaking people from Central Europe to other parts of Europe during the medieval period.

The surname D'Turck has a variety of variants, spellings, and surnames of similar origin. These include Türk, Tuerck, Türck, Türcke, Turch, Turck, Turcke, and Türkheim. Other surnames of similar origin are Mirck and Merck.

The spelling of the surname D' Turck varies depending on which part of Europe it was adopted in. In French Canada, the surname is often spelled as D'Turc, while in other French-speaking areas it is spelled as D'Turck or D'Turk. In English-speaking countries, it is usually spelled as Turck. In German-speaking countries, the spelling Türk is most commonly used.

The surname D'Turck can also be found under various other spelling variations. These include Turcke, Türckmier, Turcq, Turk, Turckheim, Turckheimer, Türckheim, Türckheimer, Tuerck, Turke, Turcke, Turckmier, Turcqq, Turkk, Turckheimer, and Turkheim.

In some cases, the surname has been adopted as a patronymic name. For example, the surname may be spelled as D'Turck or Türck when referring to a son of the original bearer of the surname. In other cases, the surname has been changed to follow the local custom, resulting in variations such as Turcik, Turckisch, and Turcovic.

Overall, the surname D'Turck has a variety of spellings, variants, and variations which can be found in various geographical locations, representing the family's long migration history.

Famous people with the name D' Turck

  • Joseph D’Turck de Kerepel (1773-1844), Luxembourgish diplomat and politician
  • Bob D'Turck (1919-1992), Canadian National Football League player
  • Louis Charles D'Turckheim (1766-1837), Alsatian politician
  • Philip D'Turckheim (1775-1845), Alsatian politician
  • Alfred D'Turckheim (1825-1901), Alsatian politician
  • Arthur D'Turckheim (1827-1886), Alsatian politician
  • Auguste Emmanuel D'Turckheim (1768-1843), Alsatian jurist
  • Frederick D'Turckheim (1830-1909), Alsatian politician
  • Helen D'Turck van der Swaan-Myers (1793-1856), Dutch nationalist
  • Jean D’Turck de Kerepel (1759-1821), Luxembourgish politician
  • Jean Pierre François D'Turckheim (1798–1878), Alsatian jurist
  • Leon Prosper D'Turckheim (1834-1892), Alsatian politician
  • Louis Charles D’Turck de Kerepel (1772-1851), Luxembourgish diplomat and politician
  • Pierre Alexis D'Turckheim (1776-1847), Alsatian professor
  • Stephen D'Turck (1838–1880), American Civil War Union Army officer
  • Victor D'Turckheim (1770-1850), Alsatian politician

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