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Surname D'Aughtry - Meaning and Origin

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D'Aughtry: What does the surname D'Aughtry mean?

The surname D'Aughtry is of French origin, derived from the Old French words 'd'aut' meaning 'of another'. It is also believed to be derived from the modern French 'd'autre', meaning 'of the other'.

The name D'Aughtry is closely associated with the area in Northern France known as Occitanie. This was once an autonomous state of the Carolingian Empire, and it eventually became part of the Kingdom of France. It is likely that the D'Aughtry name arose as a result of the immigration of a Frankish family to this area.

The first recorded example of the name is found in the twelfth-century charters. The earliest recorded spelling of the name is ‘Dauxry’. You can find some references to the original surname in the 12th-century charters which mention Dauxry as part of the Trecasse family.

The D'Aughtry family crest is a blue shield containing a chevron of silver, with a silver leopard’s head in the middle. The leopard's head is a widespread symbol throughout Europe; it is believed to signify courage, swiftness, and strength.

The D'Aughtry family today is widespread, and although their roots are in France, they have spread to numerous other countries. D'Aughtry descendants continue to carry the family name and create their own legacies. The name D'Aughtry is an old one, but still carries strong connotations of family, heritage, and courage.

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D'Aughtry: Where does the name D'Aughtry come from?

D'Aughtry is an uncommon last name found mainly in the United States, although it can also be found in Ireland and the United Kingdom. In the United States, the family is mainly concentrated in the states of South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

The first recorded presence of the surname in the United States dates to at least 1792, when William D'Aughtry was recorded in Richmond County, South Carolina. In the years that followed, further records of members of the D'Aughtry family were made in various parts of the United States, particularly the southern states.

Today, the majority of D'Aughtry family members residing in the United States live in the southern states. In particular, the family is predominantly concentrated in the states of South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

In addition, there are many members of the D'Aughtry family living in Ireland and the United Kingdom. In the UK, D'Aughtry family members are spread across England and Wales, with records indicating that some members of the family have spread to Scotland over the years.

Overall, the D'Aughtry family can be found in parts of the United States, UK, and Ireland. While its presence is much more concentrated in the southern United States, there are a few spots in Europe where the family can be found.

Variations of the surname D'Aughtry

The origin of the surname D'Aughtry is from the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture. The name could have been derived from a family having resided in the parish of East Orchard which is located in the county of Dorset, England. The place name is believed to stem from the Old English language and literally mean "Oak Tree Farm".

Variants of the surname D'Aughtry include Daughtrey, Dautry, Doherty and Doughtery. Common misspellings of the name include Dauguhty, Daugertry, Doutherty and Douthry.

The surnames Daughton, Daughtee, Daughtey, Daughtry, Dauterty, Degerty, Dergherty, Dersetry, Detherty, Doherty, Dohertye, Dgerty, Doharty, Dorety, Dority, Dorty, Doughtery, Draughterty, Draughty and Drougherty all have the same origin as D'Aughtry and are derived from the same Old English origin.

The name D'Aughtry has also changed and evolved over time and variations from Europe to the United States include Aughtray, Aughtry, Augertry, Aughtray, Aughtrey, Daughdrty, Daughtrey, Doubletree, Dougray, Doughterty and Dughterty.

In the United States there are multiple spelling variations including Daugherty, Daughety, Dougharty, Dougharty, Dougharty, Dougharty, Dougharty, Doughtey, Doughtry, Doughtery, Doughtrey, Dutterty, Durgeeby, Duttry, Dutty and Dwyerty.

Famous people with the name D'Aughtry

  • Bernie D'Aughtry: Bernie D'Aughtry is a former football player who has been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. He was a star quarterback at the University of Tennessee and played professionally for the Atlanta Falcons.
  • Michael D'Aughtry: Michael D'Aughtry is a stage and screen actor. He is best known for playing the titular character on the TV show Stepfather.
  • Martin J. D'Aughtry: Martin J. D'Aughtry is a lawyer and a judge, who served as a Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court from 1992 to 2004.
  • William D'Aughtry: William D'Aughtry is an international jazz pianist and composer. He has been internationally acclaimed for his original jazz compositions.
  • Carolina D'Aughtry: Carolina D'Aughtry is an Argentinian actress and singer who has appeared in several productions of stage plays, films, and musicals.
  • Mary D'Aughtry: Mary D'Aughtry is an American novelist and short-story writer.
  • Charity D'Aughtry: Charity D'Aughtry is an author and editor who specializes in books about travel.
  • Jacqueline D'Aughtry: Jacqueline D'Aughtry is a teacher, writer, and speaker who advocates for self-empowerment and spiritual growth.
  • Madeline D'Aughtry: Madeline D'Aughtry is a fashion designer from Austin, TX who has had several pieces featured in runway shows and magazine spreads.
  • Aaron D'Aughtry: Aaron D'Aughtry is a Democratic Party operative who served as the Deputy Campaign Manager for Joe Biden's 2020 presidential campaign.

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