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Surname D'Avila - Meaning and Origin

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D'Avila: What does the surname D'Avila mean?

The last name D'Avila is derived from the Latin term "de Avila", meaning "from Avila". This originates from the Spanish city of Ávila, located in the Castile and León Province of the country. The name is most commonly found in Portugal and Brazil, with significant numbers of bearers found in the United States as well.

The name D’Avila suggests descent from Spanish royalty, specifically families originating from the Castile and León region and the old province of Ávila. It is believed that the family generally descends from the region’s oldest families, many of which were formed during the Middle Ages. The oldest recorded use of the name was in the thirteenth century, when set of D’Avila brothers were first listed in the Galicia area of Spain. From there, they spread to other parts of the country and Europe.

Further research suggests that the "D" in D'Avila has likely been adopted by many families in the 19th century, during the establishment of larger Hispanic communities in the Americas. This is because it was often used as a way of distinguishing individuals with the same surname.

Today, many modern families bearing the name D’Avila are proud of their heritage, and use it to form an important connection to their family’s Spanish roots and Europe’s Royal families. As a result, they often demonstrate great loyalty to their homeland’s traditions, culture and language.

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D'Avila: Where does the name D'Avila come from?

The last name D'Avila is mainly found in Latin America today. Specifically, it is most common in Brazil, where it originated from the state of Minas Gerais. The family name is also found in the states of Goias, Espirito Santo, Parana, and some areas of the Amazon. It is also found in Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile.

The most commonly accepted explanation for the origin of the D'Avila surname is that it is derived from the phrase "anda vila," meaning "go to the town." This is said to have originated in Minas Gerais during the 16th century, when Portuguese settlers were establishing settlements. One of the settlers was Don Alvaro, who showed a deep interest in developing the land. As a result, many of the people in the settlement were given the last name D'Avila in his honor.

Today, the D'Avila family is widely spread throughout Latin America, primarily in Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. It continues to be an important aspect in the culture and history of these countries. Many with the last name still have a strong sense of identity and belonging to the family, and this is further reflected in the loyalty and pride they show for their local community and country.

Variations of the surname D'Avila

The surname D'Avila has several different variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The most common variant is D'Avila, which originated in Spain and is most likely derived from the Latin word avis, meaning “eagle”. Other variants include D'Avilla, D'Aviles, D'Avilla, and D'Avilla y Coca. This surname is also found in parts of Latin America, most notably in Mexico, where it is sometimes spelled as Dávila.

There are many different spellings of the surname D'Avila, some of which are DaVila, Davila, Daviles, Davilla, and Davilla y Coca. The surname is also sometimes spelled as D'Avile, D'Avill, and Avill.

Other surnames that are related to the surname D'Avila include Aviles, De Avila, de Avilez, de Avila y Coca, Avelar, Avilés, Avillar, Avila, and Abila. These surnames are all derived from the same root, with slight variations in spelling and pronunciation.

Although all of these surnames originated from Spain, they are now found in many different countries around the world, including Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Peru, Colombia, and Argentina. This is likely due to the Spanish Empire's influence in these countries.

Overall, the surname D'Avila has many different variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. It is an example of the globalization of surnames, as it has been adopted and adapted by different communities around the world.

Famous people with the name D'Avila

  • Ana D'Avila: Brazilian singer-songwriter, actress, and ex-member of popular girl group Rouge.
  • Diego D'Avila: Brazilian actor, director, writer, and producer. He is best known for his work on the film Love, and Other Mishaps.
  • Leonardo D'Avila: Brazilian actor who had a prominent acting career in the 2000s.
  • Matheus D'Avila: Brazilian racing driver who competed in the 2006 Brazilian Formula 3 Championship.
  • Octávio D'Avila: Brazilian professional football player who currently plays as a forward for Botafogo.
  • Ivens D'Avila: Brazilian middleweight kickboxer who competed in events like the K-1 World Grand Prix.
  • Marco D'Avila: Brazilian MTV VJ and a co-host of the popular Globo television series Big Brother Brasil.
  • Marcos D'Avila: Brazilian actor who had a prominent career in the filmmaking industry throughout the 1970s and '80s.
  • Pedro D'Avila: Brazilian film director who is best known for his work on the 1982 film O EnganoWith Rita Cadilac.
  • Silvia D'Avila: Brazilian record producer, singer, and songwriter who is renowned for her work on the hit single “Fecho os Olhos”.

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