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Surname Dufek - Meaning and Origin

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Dufek: What does the surname Dufek mean?

The surname Dufek is a Czech last name originating from the CzechRepublic. Derived from the Old Czech language, the name can be divided into two parts – ‘du’ meaning ‘of’ and ‘fek’ which could refer to several things. The most likely being the Czech word for ‘quail’, or ‘huble’, meaning a small bird with a distinctive call.

It was probably originally a nickname for someone who had a loud or distinctive voice, someone who made a lot of noise like a quail. The surname could also mean ‘of the forest’ or ‘of the woods’, indicating someone who lived in a forested region, or alternatively, it could be the nickname for a hunter or a woodsman.

The name Dufek can be also found in parts of Austria and Poland, though its usage is most frequently associated with the Czech Republic. The name appears in records from the 17th century onward, mostly in Bohemia and Moravia, though there are a few scattered references to Dufek living in the Austrian Empire in the 19th century.

Today, Dufek is a relatively uncommon name. It is estimated that less than 1,000 people in the Czech Republic; fewer than 1,000 in Austria, and fewer than 500 in Poland have the surname, which makes it quite a unique name. Despite this, the name Dufek is still alive and well in the Czech Republic and its neighboring countries.

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Dufek: Where does the name Dufek come from?

The last name Dufek is known to be most prevalent in the Czech Republic, where it is said to have originated. It is the 74th most common name in the country, making up around 0.07% of the population.

The last name Dufek is believed to have derived from the formation of some of the older Czech surnames. It was originally referred to as a topographic name, which was used to describe someone who lived in a particular geographical area such as a forest or a village.

Outside of the Czech Republic, the last name Dufek is not very common. It is found primarily in the United States, where it ranks as the 74,641st most popular name, and makes up about 0.0004% of the population. It is also found in Slovakia, where it is the 321st most common surname.

Throughout Europe, the surname may take on different spellings such as Dufeky, Dufka, or Dufkova, while in some US states, it is spelled Dufeky, Dupka, or Dufková.

Even though Dufek is not found in large numbers in many countries, it is unanimously traced back to its Czech origins, and its meaning is widely understood to refer to someone who lived in a certain region or in close proximity to a particular forest.

Variations of the surname Dufek

The surname Dufek has two different variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin.

The first variant is Dufek, which is the original spelling of the surname. This name is believed to derive from the Czech word Dufek, which means “noise”. It is believed that it originated in Czech Republic and was passed down through several generations of families. It is also commonly seen in Austria and Slovakia.

The second variant of the surnames is Dufka. This spelling is believed to have originated in Polish. It can also be seen in Slovakia and some parts of the Czech Republic. It has various derivations including Duflowy, Dufkiewicz, and Dufkowy.

The third variant of the surname is Dufka. This name is believed to have originated in the Ukraine. It is commonly found in Eastern European countries such as Lithuania, Poland, and Romania. It is also found in Slovakia and some parts of the Czech Republic. Its various spellings include Dufkanych, Dufkovych and Dufkovytskiy.

Overall, these three variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin have helped to keep the Dufek surname alive and can trace its origin from many countries.

Famous people with the name Dufek

  • Jan Dufek: Czech composer, music arranger, and flutist, specializing mainly in jazz and classical music.
  • Andrea Dufek: Surveillance Director for Johnson & Johnson, and former Information Security Manager at JPMorgan Chase.
  • Mike Dufek: Former Professional Hockey Player, now general manager of the ECHL's Brampton Beast.
  • Tom Dufek: Former American Football Player who played defensive end for University of Michigan and in the NFL.
  • Justin Dufek: Milwaukee-based Producer, Composer, and All Around Musician.
  • Amy Dufek: Wisconsin native singer-songwriter,now based in Nashville.
  • Andrew Dufek: Colorado-based musician and bandleader.
  • Pete Dufek: Retired American racecar driver who competed in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series.
  • Charles Dufek Jr.: Retired US Navy pilot and Rear Admiral.
  • Robert Dufek: Retired Major General in the US Air Force.

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