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Surname Düfel - Meaning and Origin

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Düfel: What does the surname Düfel mean?

The last name Düfel is of German origin, and can be found mainly in the Eastern part of the country. Variations of this name include Deeufel, Deufel, Dufel, and Düefel.

The name likely originated from the Middle High German word “dufel”, meaning “small drop” or “snippet”, which may have been used as a nickname by someone small in stature. It is also possible that it is a descendent of the old German word “duf” which means “night”, and therefore may refer to family who lived an isolated lifestyle or worked at night.

The Düfel family most likely began as a farming family, but throughout the generations have spread out into other aspects of life. Today, Düfels are found in various professions, living all over the world. Many descended from German immigrants to the United States, while some have since moved on to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Düfel name is steeped in German culture and tradition, yet no matter where they go, this family name carries with it a spirit of adventure and exploration. With a name as unique as Düfel, those with the name are bound to stand out and leave their mark wherever they go.

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Düfel: Where does the name Düfel come from?

The last name Düfel is primarily common in German-speaking countries. It is most common today in the German states of Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt, and Brandenburg. Over the past few decades, the surname has also been seen in various countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, France, Australia, and Colombia.

The surname has Germanic origins and is derived from the old German personal name "Duofel,” which means “spouse of two.” It is likely that the name was given to a husband with two wives, two sons of one father, or two brothers.

In Germany today, Düfel is a relatively common name. The name ranks in the 810th most common surname out of all surnames in Germany. Although slightly more common in some states than others, the surname is still found ubiquitously throughout all of the German states.

The name is still primarily associated with Germany, but with migration all around the world, it can now be found in various countries. This includes both German immigrants who have moved abroad, as well as those of German descent. As such, the name is also commonly seen in areas with large German populations, such as the United States and Canada.

Variations of the surname Düfel

Düfel is a German surname that has several variations, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common variants of the surname are Dufel, Duhl, Duell, Dufl, Dufli, Duvel, and Duwel. While it is not immediately apparent, all of these spelling variations are variants of the same surname.

The most common variant, Dufel, is a topographic surname derived from a German term referring to a small forest. This explains why some variants include variants such as Dufl, Dufli and Duwel. Other variants of this surname are Duhl and Duvel, which depending on the origin of each family could be derived from either the Middle High German word "dusel," meaning "short" or "tiny," or alternatively from the Old High German word "duogan," meaning "to hunt or shoot." Finally, the variant Duell could be derived from the German habitational name referring to a person originally from a place called Duelo.

It is important to note that there may be some overlap among these names. For example, a population living in a particular area may start using one spelling of the surname, but then switch to a different spelling as the family's naming tradition changes over time. Over the years, this has resulted in different families sharing the same surname even though they spell it differently. As such, families with the same origin may use different surnames when tracing their family tree.

Famous people with the name Düfel

  • Phillip Düfel- German footballer
  • Ellen Düfel- German actress
  • Paul Düfel- German painter and printmaker
  • Carolin Düfel- German alpine skier
  • Wibke Düfel- former German politician
  • Hans Düfel- German choir singer
  • Elisabeth Düfel- German classically trained pianist
  • Erich Düfel- German actor
  • Bern Düfel- German high jumper and hurdler
  • Peter Düfel- German archer
  • Laura Düfel- German swimmer
  • Agnes Düfel- German singer
  • Christine Düfel- German author
  • Friz Düfel- German footballer
  • Anna Düfel- German historian

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