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Surname Easterling - Meaning and Origin

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S. Easterling

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Easterling: What does the surname Easterling mean?

The surname Easterling is of Anglo-Saxon origin and it historically referred to a person from the Eastern lands, specifically the Eastern parts of Germany and the Netherlands. The term "Easterling" came from the Old English "ēast", meaning east, and "ing", a suffix typically denoting "people of" or "residents of". The term was widely used in the Medieval periods and was translated in Latin documents as "orientales". This term was particularly used to refer to the merchants from the Hanseatic League who travelled to England for trading purposes. Different variations of the last name Easterling are found, including Easterly, Easterlin, and Eastling. The distribution during early times was predominantly in northern England. Over time, the surname has spread across the world, especially in America, through migration. When used as a last name today, it doesn't particularly carry its old geographical connotation.

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Easterling: Where does the name Easterling come from?

The surname Easterling is of Anglo-Saxon origin, from England. It is an old ethnonymic term used throughout the Middle Ages to refer to traders from the Easterling country or East Anglia, which is the eastern region of England. It could also refer to someone who migrated from the east.

This surname is uncommon and is predominantly found in the United States today. Significant concentrations of people with the Easterling surname can also be found in England and a few other English-speaking countries. The surname is also occasionally found in Germany, perhaps signifying some migration or geographical interchange over the centuries. Despite being uncommon, Easterling remains a historically rich surname with deep-rooted English origins.

Variations of the surname Easterling

The surname Easterling is associated with English origins and its spelling and variants might be influenced by geographical locations, phonetics or personal preference. The surname Easterling might have various spellings and variations including: Easterlin, Easterline, Easterlund, Easterlen, Easterlion, Oestrling, Easterlik, Easterlink, and Eastling.

There are also surnames of the same origin but different spelling like Ostler and Ostling which are derived from the Middle English word 'Osteler', meaning innkeeper. Similarly, the surname Esterline, Esterly and Esterling may also have the same origin as Easterling.

Some records suggest that the surname Easterling might be of Viking origin and folk etymology often connects it to the word "Easter", but it is likely to be related to the Old English 'ēastor', meaning 'east', implying someone from the eastern areas.

Please be aware that surname origins and spellings can be complex and vary based on a number of factors including regional differences, dialects and the passing of time. Therefore the above mention spellings and variations may not cover all possible variations of the surname Easterling.

Famous people with the name Easterling

  • Keith Easterling: A former professional NBA player for the Detroit Pistons.
  • Todd Easterling: An American author, known for his works such as The Miracle Trilogy and The First Witness. Apart from writing, he also ventured into the field of entertainment as a performer, songwriter, and record producer.
  • Shannon Easterling: A renowned golf coach who has worked with known professionals in the sport.
  • Zac Easter: Full name Zachary Easter, initially came to public attention following the release of "Love, Zac", a book chronicling his struggle with CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy).
  • Joy Easterling: A well-known personality in the field of real estate in the US.
  • Ja'Net DuBois (born Jeannette Dubois): Ja'Net DuBois was a well-known American actress, singer, and songwriter. Her maiden name was Easterling.
  • Ron Easterling: Former professional baseball player who played for teams in the minor leagues for 8 seasons.
  • Elsie Easterling: Known for her work on Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda (2011) and Unusual Suspects (2010).
  • Trish Cook: Born Patricia Easterling, Trish Cook is a widely recognized American author of YA fiction. Please note that some of these individuals may not be universally recognized but have still gained prominence in their respective fields.

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