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A Profound Journey of Discovery and Connection: Experiencing iGENEA’s DNA Test

Family name Easterling

A compelling journey of self-discovery and deep-seated emotions, exploring lineage through iGENEA's DNA test offered me a sense of belonging and profound respect for my ancestors. The process also transformed my interpretation of 'Easterling,' which transformed from merely a surname to a symbol of shared heritage and ancestry.

I consider my experience of getting a DNA test done through iGENEA as emotionally enriching and invigorating. The initial feeling of curiosity and suspense about the revelations of my ancestry was overpowering. There was an air of suspense, a sense of anticipation that overshadowed any other emotion I had whilst going through the process.

Once the results were out, the complex mesh of emotions that unfolded was overwhelming. The report indicating my DNA was connected to the Easterling family was an experience similar to unearthing precious artifacts from ancient times. It was like finally finding a bridge to my roots, offering a sense of belonging that surpassed my expectations. The emotional quotient was intensified as I got to delve deeper into my lineage and learn about my ancestors.

The very surname 'Easterling,' which was just a tag until now, suddenly began to carry immense significance. It didn't just identify me anymore; it was a symbol reflecting our familial journey, our hardships, our victories and our shared heritage. It defined the journey of my ancestors from being mere nomads to the revered Easterling family.

Moreover, the iGENEA test led me to several distant cousins spread across the globe, instigating a mixture of emotions - surprise, excitement and a sense of deeper connecting ties. The joy of finding new family bonds and establishing relations with them was inexplicably satisfying.

Negatively, the process brought some pangs of sadness, too. Learning about the struggles my ancestors had endured induced feelings of shared pain. Nevertheless, understanding the lineage has ultimately given me a broader perspective of my existence. It's easier to understand myself now, understanding why I am the way I am and appreciating the generations of survival and evolution I am a result of.

In summary, my journey with iGENEA has been a deeply emotional ride - a blend of excitement, anticipation, joy and a slight hint of melancholy. But more than anything, it restrained an overwhelming sense of connection to my roots and a profound respect towards my surname, 'Easterling.'

S. Easterling

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