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Surname Faaß - Meaning and Origin

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Faaß: What does the surname Faaß mean?

The last name Faaß is a German name which can be derived from various elements making up the name. The first element is 'Fang', which originates from the Old Germanic term fangst, meaning hunt or capture; this indicates someone who was an experienced hunter. The second element is 'ah', an ancient personal name. The third element is 's', a short form of 'son', this indicates the relationship between two people or a reference to a family line; also found in names such as Hansen or Jansen.

The meaning of Faaß could be interpreted as 'son of the hunter'. Evidence suggests that it has been used as a surname in Germany since around the 13th century, probably originating in Saxony.

Historically, members of this family held a variety of occupations. During the 16th and 17th centuries they were mostly found in the military, though some were also involved in farming and trading. They appeared in records in locations such as Allstedt, Brandenburg, Oberlungwitz, Prussia, and Torgau, Saxony.

Faaß is generally considered to be a rare surname. During the 20th century, the most common occurrences were found in Germany, but it can also be found in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

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Faaß: Where does the name Faaß come from?

The last name Faaß is most commonly found in the German-speaking region of Europe. It is particularly popular in Germany, where it is ranked the 251st most common surname. Faaß is also present in surrounding countries such as Austria, where it is the 433rd most common last name, and Switzerland, where it is the 344th most common name. The name is also present in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, and Luxembourg.

Outside of the European continent, Faaß is particularly popular in the United States. According to the most recent estimates, there are over 3,500 people in the US with the surname Faaß. Other countries with large populations of Faaß include Canada, Australia, France, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.

The Faaß surname has been documented as far back as the 15th century in Germany. It is derived from the Old German word "fahs," which means guard or watchman. Thus, it was likely originally applied to anyone who served as a guard or watchman. Over time, other families began to adopt the surname, leading to its widespread usage today.

Variations of the surname Faaß

The surname Faaß (or Faas) is a German surname, and is most commonly spelled with two capital "a"s. Variations of this version of the name can include Fas, Faß, Fass, Faass, Fasz, and Faaz. The name is sometimes also spelled in English as Faas.

In its Scandinavian form, Faaß is spelled Faas and variants include Fasse, Faaz, and Fasz.

The surname has other variants, including Fäss, Fäß, and Fäs. These spellings are often seen in South German, Austrian, and Swiss areas of Germany. The spelling Fas is commonly encountered in Bavaria.

Faaß is also seen in some instances as a patronymic surname, derived from the Middle High German personal name Faz, in which case it is spelled as Faáz (or Faz) and variants. On the other hand, the name can also be derived from the word faza, a variant of the Old German word fass, meaning cask or barrel. In this case, the spelling is often simply Fass.

In addition, Faaß is sometimes used as a short form of some longer German surnames, such as Falkenfaas and Faulfaas, which can carry variant spellings.

In other countries, Faaß can take on different spellings. In the Netherlands, it can be pronounced "sh" and spelled Faasz (or Fassz). In Hungary, it is sometimes seen as Fass (Pro) and Fazsek (Magyar). In Poland, Faaß can be seen as Faasz.

Overall, there are many variants and spellings of the surname Faaß, and a significant number of surnames likely have their origin in the same name.

Famous people with the name Faaß

  • Jennifer Faaß: Former professional American figure skater. She competed in the 1994 and 1998 Olympics and is a five-time German national champion.
  • Thomas Faaß: Current German ice hockey coach and former player. He has attempted to join the NHL as a player and as a coach but had unsuccessful stints in both leagues.
  • Chris Faaß: German actor and television presenter. He was a host on the popular German game show "The Wall".
  • Jörg Faaß: A German singer and songwriter active since the 1990s. He has released many albums and most recently won an ECHO award for best singer/songwriter in 2015.
  • Regine Faaß: German actress and theater director. She has been acting since the 1980s and won the Bavarian film award for best actress in 2014.
  • Olivia Faaß: German actress and model. She is best known for her roles in the TV shows, "Maniac Mansion" and "Verbotene Liebe".
  • Claudia Faaß: German cheesemaker and television host. She has hosted the show, "Frisch und Fein: Die beste Käseküche Deutschlands" from 1994 until 2008.
  • Dirk Faaß: German musician and former member of the punk rock band "Die Ärzte". He currently plays guitar in the band "Feine Sahne Fischfillet" and also produces music for films.
  • Jacqueline Faaß: German minister of agriculture. She has served in the ministry since before 2002 and is currently the longest-serving minister in the region.
  • Jörn Faaß: German architect. He is most famous for designing the Berlin Philharmonic Hall which was completed in 2014.

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