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Surname Faaßen - Meaning and Origin

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Faaßen: What does the surname Faaßen mean?

The last name Faaßen is a German surname most likely derived from the Latin personal name Fabianus. It is believed that the surname was first used in the 13th century to distinguish individuals with the same first name. The meaning behind Faaßen is "a bold or daring one," which is fitting as this was originally a surname of warriors. The name is most commonly found throughout Germany, particularly in the region along the Dutch and Belgian borders.

The surname Faaßen is also associated with a distinct coat of arms, which features a white background and a black and silver chevron. The crest includes a black eagle above the chevron, and the eagle is holding a medal with a black-and-silver color scheme. This distinct coat of arms has been used by the Faaßen family since the 16th century and is believed to represent strength, power, and courage.

Faaßen is one of the oldest surnames in the German language and is still commonly used today. While the meaning behind the name and the coat of arms remain largely the same, the surname still has the same kind of strength and power as it did centuries ago. Faaßen signifies family pride, courage, and loyalty, all traits that are still very much alive in those with this last name.

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Faaßen: Where does the name Faaßen come from?

The name Faaßen is most commonly found today in Germany and other German-speaking areas, such as Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. It is an occupational surname from when people were named after their profession; Faaßen is derived from the Middle High German word fasen, meaning “to join” or “to sew”, referring to one who sewed leather or repaired shoes.

The name is not particularly widespread, but there are a few notable families who bear the Faaßen surname today. In northern Germany, a Faaßen dynasty that dates back to the 17th century still resides in the city of Wolfenbüttel in Lower Saxony. The Faaßen family has produced several industrialists, scientists, and mayors of the city throughout the centuries.

Elsewhere in Germany, there is the much larger Von Faaßen family of Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia. The family has made its presence in the city since the 13th century, and is known for producing notable figures in politics, commerce, and science.

Outside of Germany, pockets of individuals with the Faaßen name can be found in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Given the name’s concentration in Germany over the centuries, it is likely that many with the Faaßen surname who live in other parts of the world are descended from German ancestors. This is particularly true for parts of the United States, such as Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio, which are known for having a significant German-American population.

Variations of the surname Faaßen

Faaßen is a German surname that originated in the lowlands of German, Dutch, and Danish regions. This surname is believed to have been derived from the Germanic word “fassen” which means “to seize.” This surname is also spelled Faasen, Fassen, Fassin, Fasen, Faesen, and Fasen, in addition to many other minor variants.

The Faaßen surname has braided itself through several continents and cultures over the centuries, with variations being adopted and flourishing throughout Europe. In addition to the variations mentioned above, alternative spellings include Faußen, Foussen, Fessen, and Foseen.

In Germany, Faassen, Fassen, Faesen, and Fasen are the most popular variants. In the Netherlands, Faaßen, Fassin, and Foussen are more frequently observed, whereas in the United Kingdom and the United States, Faaßen, Fassen, and Foussen are the dominant forms.

In addition to variants from different countries, many different surnames evolved from the origin of Faaßen. These surnames include Fausen, Fauson, Faussen, Faus, Fausser, Fauken, Faukson, Faucken, Facen, and Fecken. Minor surname variations also exist, however, they are much less widely used.

Therefore, the many variants, spellings, and surnames of the origin Faaßen are Faasen, Fassen, Fassin, Fasen, Faesen, Foussen, Faußen, Fessen, Foseen, Fausen, Fauson, Faussen, Faus, Fausser, Fauken, Faukson, Faucken, Facen, and Fecken.

Famous people with the name Faaßen

  • Eckhard Faaßen: German film producer and director
  • Ingo Faaßen: German actor
  • Christoph Faaßen: German alternative/soul singer
  • Henning Faaßen: German sport shooter and Olympic gold medalist
  • Chris Faaßen: German tennis player
  • Christoph Faaßen: German entrepreneur and investor
  • Jürgen Faaßen: German classical composer and pianist
  • Heiko Faaßen: German comic book artist
  • Johannes Faaßen: German classical pianist and composer
  • Jan Faaßen: German classical guitarist and composer

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