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Surname Fabricius - Meaning and Origin

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Fabricius: What does the surname Fabricius mean?

The last name Fabricius is of Latin origin, with the meaning "artisan". This name is derived from the Roman family name Faber, which itself was derived from the Latin word, "faber", meaning "craftsman” or “artisan”. It often referred to craftsmen who worked with metal such as blacksmiths and smelters.

The surname Fabricius is thought to have first appeared in France, in the Medieval period. It was then popularized by the Gregorius Fabricius, a well-known Renaissance humanist and Latin language scholar of the 16th century.

Other variants of the last name Fabricius can be found, such as Fabris, Fabrio, Fabriere, or Fabrys. It is most commonly found in the Nordic countries, like Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Fabricius is also a surname of Hungarian origin, derived from the Hungarian first name Fásli or Fászli. The Hungarian meaning of the surname is "of the turf", referring to the family's rumored prowess in masonry.

Overall, the last name Fabricius stands for a craftsman or artisan, depending on the country of origin. It is a very old name, particularly popular in the Nordic region, and associated with a sense of individualism and creativity.

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Fabricius: Where does the name Fabricius come from?

The last name Fabricius is most common in Germany today, but it can also be found in other parts of Europe and beyond. In Germany, it is most commonly found in the states of Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and Bavaria. It is also commonly found in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Hungary, and the Netherlands.

In the United States, it is also relatively common. The US Census Bureau identified Fabricius as the 359th most common surnames in 2020, with approximately 29,285 people listed as sharing this name in the US. It can be found in many US states, such as Colorado, Florida, Texas, New York, California, and Massachusetts.

In addition, Fabricius is also a relatively common name in South Africa, with an estimated 4,564 people with this surname living there as of 2018. It can also be found in Brazil, with an estimated 1,644 people having this last name.

Overall, the last name Fabricius is still common in Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world, which reflects its long history and origins in Central Europe.

Variations of the surname Fabricius

The surname Fabricius is one of the most ancient German surnames, deriving from the Roman cognomen Fabricius, which was brought to Germany by Roman soldiers and colonists. Fabricius is a Latinized form of the Germanic personal name Faber, meaning “smith” or “craftsman.” The name became popular throughout Europe as many towns contained blacksmiths and craftsmen.

Variants of the surname Fabricius include Faber, Fabrik, Fabritius, Fabry, Faberge, Februs, Febrizius, Fabric, Fabritz, Fabriz, Fabrich, Foch, Faubrich, Fach, Fabrey, Fabisch and Fabacher.

Variations of Fabricius from other countries include Fabrice (France), Fabrizio (Italy), Fabryel (Poland), Fabreck (Hungary), Fabrica (Portugal), Fabriquo (Sweden), Fabricio (Spain) and Fabrick (Ireland).

Surnames often associated with the Fabricius surname include Gericke, Fabrich, Rabenhorst, Fabriczus, Rabenhorst, Fabritzius, Faberzius, Fabrik, Rabenreck, Faubrey, Fabriz, Faberhal, Faberschul, Faberchul, Faberhel, Fabreck, Fabryck, Faberge and Fabrez.

The Fabricius surname is one of the longest-running surnames with many variations around the world. It was popular in Roman times and continues to be today, with many descendants still bearing the original surname and its many variations.

Famous people with the name Fabricius

  • Johan Fabricius: Danish painter and sculptor best known for his dramatic depictions of the Nordic landscape
  • Johan Ludvig Fabricius: Danish theologian who wrote commentaries on the Old Testament and worked on composing a unified systematization of Christian doctrines
  • Arne Fabricius: Danish actor and film director who appeared in the Danish film Hun Under Sejlene (1950) and directed the film Onkel Toms Hule (1917)
  • Karen Fabricius: Danish theater director who has directed numerous plays in theaters across Denmark
  • Kirsten Fabricius: Danish actress and TV host known for her work in the Danish series With Blood and All His Strength (1978-80)
  • Simone Fabricius: Danish actress and television presenter, known for her work in the 2020 television series Eva
  • Anker Fabricius: Danish composer and musician specializing in classical music, particularly Scandinavian folklore
  • Lars Fabricius: Danish organist whose work has been performed in concert halls throughout Europe
  • Jørgen Fabricius: Danish physicist who conducted research on general relativity and cosmology
  • Henrik Fabricius: Danish poet, novelist, and playwright noted for his works on rural life and nature themes

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