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Surname Faa - Meaning and Origin

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Faa: What does the surname Faa mean?

The surname Faa is of Scottish origin, deriving from the term "Faa Blythe," which refers to a group of Scottish Gypsies that had a King or Leader with the last name Faa. The name is significant in its association with traditional Scottish Romani families. The Faa family is historically recognized as one of the main Scottish Romani families, along with others like Young, Blyth, and Baillie. The descendants of the Faa family are spread across the UK, particularly in Scotland and Northern England. However, the meanings behind surnames are often lost to history, so it's not entirely clear what "Faa" meant to the originators of the name. The Faa family held royal status amongst the Romani people, a tradition dating back to the 17th century when King James IV of Scotland awarded this title. This status implicitly underscores a certain social responsibility and leadership, which could potentially relate to the name's meaning. The surname also appears in literature, most notably in the poem "The Gypsies," by John Clare, and in the contemporary "His Dark Materials" series by Philip Pullman.

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Faa: Where does the name Faa come from?

The last name Faa is of Italian origin, tracing back to southern provinces such as Calabria. The surname is derived from the ancient Italian words "Fava" or "Favaio", both relating to the fava bean, a food staple in many Italian regions. The name was likely used to identify an individual involved with fava bean cultivation or sales or as a topographic name for someone living near a field of fava beans. The emergence of Faa as a surname aligns with the common practice of adopting surnames based on trade or geography during the Middle Ages.

The surname Faa rose to fame in the 16th century since it belonged to a prominent and affluential family. The Dukes of Faa were British Romanichels prominently involved in British history.

Although exact locations where the surname Faa is prevalent today aren't identified, the surname's Italian origin implies that it's possibly more common in Italy. However, with migration and the spread of populations over centuries, it is likely found in various parts of the world. It can also be found in places that experienced significant Italian immigration, such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Variations of the surname Faa

The surname Faa has a variety of alternate spellings and related surnames, presumably reflecting its different regional origins and the phonetic interpretations of different census takers and record keepers over the centuries.

Alternative spellings for Faa may include Fae, Fau, Fa, Faae, Faaa, and Faaai. These variations can primarily be attributed to differences in pronunciation and translation across different languages and cultures.

The surname Faa might also be linked to the surname Fay, another surname of multiple origins, most notably Irish and French. It is important, however, to keep in mind that surnames could often change significantly as family lines moved from one country to another.

Whether all these surnames truly share a common origin or whether they have simply evolved in a way that makes them look similar today is often difficult to determine without intensive genealogical research, as surnames developed in many different ways, from occupations, geographical locations, nicknames, patronymics (derived from the personal name of a father or ancestor), and even from the characteristics of an ancestor.

Researching individual family history would likely reveal more information about specific origins and potential branches of the Faa lineage. In many cases, DNA testing may offer further insights.

Famous people with the name Faa

It appears that there aren't many globally recognized famous individuals with the surname "Faa". The term 'Faa' is more commonly associated with the 'Federal Aviation Administration' in the United States. However, there are some notable individuals in specific contexts. Johnny Faa (also known as Johnnie Faa) was a Scottish gypsy, of the 'Faa' gypsy family. This family was reputed to be the "Kings of the Gypsies" in Scotland and Johnny Faa is part of a gypsy folk ballad titled 'The Gypsy Laddie'. Another person with the surname 'Faa' is Willie Faa, a rugby league footballer who played professionally in Australia and England in the early 20th century. Rae Faa was an actress who appeared in the movie 'Avatar,' as a village woman. Please note that fame is also relative and depends on the sphere/context (artistic, sports, academic, etc.). It's also culturally and geographically dependent. There may be 'famous' individuals with the surname 'Faa' who are well-known in certain regions or spheres but not on a global scale.

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