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Surname Fabrie - Meaning and Origin

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Fabrie: What does the surname Fabrie mean?

The last name Fabrie is of French origin and is derived from the surname Fabry. The name Fabrie originates from the French word "Faber" which, when translated, means "smith". Thus, those bearing this last name would have been born into families of a smith or blacksmith- someone who was skilled in the craft of metalworking.

Historically, the Fabrie surname has been associated with individuals of a noble line, which is why it was not widely used by commoners in the past. This last name is most commonly associated in France with the Loire Valley of the fifteenth century where the Fabrie family resided for many generations.

The Fabrie surname can symbolize strength, endurance, and a creativity for problem-solving in a craft that demands skill and precision. Those with this name may be inclined to take on challenging tasks and push for success. Today, Fabrie remains a fairly common surname in France, especially around the Limousin region.

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Fabrie: Where does the name Fabrie come from?

The last name Fabrie is quite common throughout France and other parts of Europe today. It is particularly prevalent in the region of Brittany, where it is concentrated around the city of Rennes. It is also often found in southeastern France-, primarily in Alsace and Lorraine, although it is far less common in those areas. Fabrie is also a popular surname in the Netherlands, where it is most common in the provinces of Friesland and Groningen. Other countries where the last name is present, albeit in much smaller numbers, include Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg.

In addition to Europe, the last name is also found in the Caribbean, in particular in Haiti, due to the influx of French settlers in the colonial period. Finally, Fabrie is also present in some parts of South America, mainly in rural areas that trace their heritage to French immigrants from Europe.

Thus, with its origins in France and a presence in Europe, the Caribbean and South America, the last name Fabrie remains common today, albeit in sometimes small and distant pockets.

Variations of the surname Fabrie

The surname Fabrie is derived from the Italian word ‘fabri’ meaning ‘artisan’ or ‘craftsman,’ and is most commonly found in northern Italy. Common variants of this surname include Fabri, Fabrizzi, Fabris, Fabrizio, Fabrizi and Fabrini.

Fabri and Fabrizzi are the two most common Italian variations of this surname, both formed by adding the suffix -i to the end. Fabris and Fabrizio were both derived from the word ‘fabris’ in the Middle Ages, which means ‘artisan’ or ‘craftsman’ in Latin. It is believed that Fabris was the original Italian spelling of the surname, and Fabrizio evolved over time from the Latin root.

Other variations of the Fabrie surname include Fabrizi and Fabrini, both spelled with an -i at the end, and are thought to refer to the entire family or group of craftsmen, rather than an individual. Common English spellings of Fabrie include Fabric, Faber, and Fobrie. Surnames of the same origin derived from the Italian ‘fabri’ include Faby, Fabbrey, Fabri, Fabriata, and Fabrici.

Fabrie is a rare surname, as of 2018, there were only 6 people in the United States with the Fabrie surname. While it is a rare surname, its multiple variants and spellings are much more widely distributed across the world.

Famous people with the name Fabrie

  • Maxime Fabrie, French bassoonist
  • Yannick Fabrie, Dutch sprint canoer
  • Renzo Fabrie, Dutch sculptor
  • Fabrie Fernandez, Spanish javelin thrower
  • Matteo Fabrie, Italian footballer
  • Xavier Fabrié, French footballer
  • Amy Fabrie, Dutch musical theatre actress
  • François Fabrie, French bobsleigh pilot
  • Anouka Fabrie, Dutch footballer
  • Andrea Fabrié, Italian trampolinist

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