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Surname Fielder - Meaning and Origin

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R. Fielder

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Fielder: What does the surname Fielder mean?

The last name Fielder is of English origin and is believed to be a topographical name, derived from someone who lived near a field. This likely developed from a combination of an Old English word “feld” meaning “open country” with “erer” meaning “one who works/lives”. Alternatively, the name may have originated as a surname for those living in a forest clearing. This would come from a combination of the Old English word “feld” and “ham” meaning “enclosure”, “homestead” or “village”.

In Middle English, the term "felderer" was sometimes used to mean a hunter or “gamekeeper”, so the name could also have been used as an occupational name for someone employed in such a role. It could have also been used to describe someone who lived in or near such an enclosure - such as one of its residents, a cooper, woodworker or charcoal burner.

The Fielder name is also found in some records in Germany and Holland, suggesting that the name may also be of German or Dutch origin; in which case it is likely derived from the Middle German "vielder" or Middle Dutch "veldere", which may have originally been related to the word for “farmer”.

Whichever of these origins is correct, all versions of the last name define Fielder as someone who works in or lives near fields or a forest clearing - a fitting name to describe someone who works the land.

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Fielder: Where does the name Fielder come from?

The last name Fielder is most common in the United States today. According to the 2020 US Census, the most populous states with the most residents bearing this surname are Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Georgia, making up around 12% of all individuals with this surname in the country.

The origin of the Fielder surname is typically of English origin, derived from a topographical name describing “someone who lived by a field”. The Fielder name is not as common in England today, whereas the name was earlier quite popular. However, with the passage of time, the name has almost died out in England with only 390 individuals bearing the surname in the whole of Great Britain.

The name itself has gone through various spelling changes due to different dialects and pronunciations. This includes variations such as “Fielder”, “Fielders”, “Fieldar”, “Fieldor”, “Fielder” and “Feilder”.

Fielder is not a common surname around the world, with only around 2,000 bearers of the name worldwide, however, it continues to be popular in certain parts of the United States, such as the aforementioned states.

Variations of the surname Fielder

Fielder is a popular English surname with multiple spellings and variants. Fielder is the English spelling of the surname, although common variants of the name include Feilder, Felde, Felter, Filder, and Feldar.

The name Fielder is derived from the Middle English word "feldere", which translates to "gamekeeper". It is a habitational name, which indicates that the family was associated with or from a location where game animals such as deer were kept.

Fielder has been used as a surname since medieval times. During the Middle Ages, a number of families used the name as a hereditary surname. Their coat of arms bore the Latin motto "Ducit Deus", meaning "God leads". Today, the name Fielder is still very common throughout England, although records indicate that the surname is also present in Germany, South Africa, Canada, and Australia.

In addition to the spelling and variants of Fielder, the name may also have derived as a derivative of the Swedish title Feilder, in which case the surname spelling could be Felde, Filder, Felter, or Feldar. All of these forms of the Fielder surname have the same origin and share the same meaning in English.

Famous people with the name Fielder

  • Prince Fielder: Professional baseball player who has played for the Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, and the Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Cecil Fielder: Professional baseball player who played for the Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, and Toronto Blue Jays.
  • Matthew Fielder: Guitarist and founding member of the alternative rock band Silversun Pickups.
  • Hen Fielder: Professional boxer who won the British Empire Heavyweight Championship in 1935.
  • Ben Fielder: Professional soccer player who currently plays for LA Galaxy II.
  • Brett Fielder: Professional tennis player who is currently ranked in the top 500 in the ITF junior rankings.
  • Ginger Fielder: Songwriter who has written hits for Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato.
  • William Fielder: American painter and printmaker born in 1882.
  • Ella Fielder: Professional violinist and member of the Royal Academy of Music.
  • Courtney Fielder: American dancer who has won multiple competitions and has performed with the Israeli Dance Institute.

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