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Surname Fields - Meaning and Origin

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V. Fields

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Fields: What does the surname Fields mean?

The last name Fields is of English origin and it is often described as occupational. It typically refers to someone who either lived or worked on or near a field. In old English, 'field' is referred to as an open area of land that is free from woods and buildings, or land that was set for a specific purpose like agriculture. The surname was first found in many different counties and shires across Britain, and in each location, the name might bear a slightly different meaning depending on the geographical features of the area. Over time, as more people began to migrate, the use of this surname also became more widespread. The surname Fields could also possibly have originated from a family migrated from the Flanders region, which was called 'Veld' in Flemish, meaning 'Fields' in English. Notable people with this surname include actress Sally Field, comedian W.C. Fields, and songwriter Dorothy Fields.

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Fields: Where does the name Fields come from?

The surname Fields is of English origin. It is a topographic name for someone who lived on or owned cultivated land, derived from the Old English term "feld" meaning "open country". One of the earliest records of the name dates back to Robert del Feld in the Assize Rolls of Cheshire in 1260. The use of surnames as identifiers became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. The most common practice was the use of occupational or topographical markers to distinguish individuals. In England, it became a common way of identifying people after the 12th century.

Today, Fields is a common surname in several English-speaking countries, especially in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. In the United States, it's particularly prevalent in the Southeastern states. It's also seen in Ireland, although in this case, it could be an anglicized form of the Irish surname Friel. As per the distribution of the population, significant numbers of people with the surname Fields can be found in Australians and African Americans. Notable personalities with this name include W. C. Fields, an American comedian, and Sally Field, an American actress.

Variations of the surname Fields

The surname Fields often refers to someone who lived or worked on land that was cleared of forest. It is of Old English origin, deriving from the Old English term 'feld,' meaning 'open land'. It is a geographical surname, referring to someone who lived near a field or pasture.

Variants or similar sounding surnames to Fields can include Field, Fildes, Feild, Feilds, Fylds, Fyld, Fild, Felds, Felt. It is possible to find other variants which involve combination of words, such as Fieldson, Fieldman, Fielding, and Fieldhouse.

Alternate spellings may exist due to the phonetic transcription of the name by officials in the past, cultural differences, or simply spelling errors. It is common to find the same surname spelled in several ways in old records.

There are also international variations of the surname. In German, the name can be found as Feld or Felde, while the Dutch variation is Veld. In France, you might find it as Champs (meaning fields in French). In Poland or Russia, it might be Polya or Polev. The Spanish equivalent is Campos, or in Italy, Campi. These are direct translations of the word field in each respective language.

Famous people with the name Fields

  • W.C. Fields: An American comedian and actor.
  • Sally Field: An Academy Award-winning actress.
  • Kim Fields: An actress and director best known for "The Facts of Life" and "Living Single."
  • Dorothy Fields: A famous songwriter in the American musical theater.
  • Veronica P. Fields: Known for her career as an actress.
  • Lew Fields: An American actor and performer.
  • Joseph A. Fields: An American playwright and producer.
  • Chelsea Fields: An actress known for "The Last Boy Scout" and other works.
  • Emma Fields: An actress who starred in "Shameless" and other television series.
  • Brandon Fields: An American football player.
  • Johnny Fields: A professional baseball player.
  • Gracie Fields: A popular English actress and singer.
  • Brad Fields: A cinematographer known for his work on the series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."
  • Totie Fields: An American comedian.
  • Ernie Fields: An American trombonist.
  • Landry Fields: A former professional basketball player.
  • Anthony Fields: A former professional basketball player.
  • Betty Fields: A well-known English actress.
  • Jack Fields: A former U.S. Representative from Texas.
  • Benny Fields: An American singer.

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