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Surname Fillinghad - Meaning and Origin

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Fillinghad: What does the surname Fillinghad mean?

The last name Fillinghad is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from the Old English words “fylle” meaning ‘to fulfill’ and “hæþ” meaning ‘a field or enclosure’. As such, the name likely originally referred to someone who owned or lived in a field or enclosed area.

In addition, the name may have been taken on as a place name for settlers who moved to a new area and found the land to be suitable for farming, or fulfilled their expectations in some way. The combination of the words indicates the land fulfilled some requirement for them, thus adopting a new name to commemorate this.

In terms of contemporary use of the name, Fillinghad is not particularly common, however it can be found in some areas of the United Kingdom as a surname. Similarly, it can also be found as a first name in some cases. As for specific meaning of the name to current generations of Fillinghads, it can be interpreted as a reminder of their ancestor’s successful search for a new place to settle, or of the hard work put into making the land fruitful and fulfilling their expectations.

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Fillinghad: Where does the name Fillinghad come from?

The last name Fillinghad is most commonly found in the United States of America, though the name is also recorded in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The highest concentrations of the family name are located primarily in the mid-western US states of Nebraska and Iowa, as well as in Illinois and Minnesota. The United States Census of 2020 recorded almost 400 Fillinghads living in these four states.

The earliest known record of the Fillinghad family dates to 1686 in England, when it is believed that a Franciscan monk named William Fillinghad emigrated from his home kingdom of Norfolk, England, to the United States. From there, it is thought that the family then spread across the continent. A number of branches of the family have since been established in various states and countries.

Variations of the Fillinghad name, including Fillenham, Fillingem, Fillenhamm, Fillenheim and Fillenhaum, are also recorded in many countries, most of which have their origins in the United States.

Thanks to new technologies, the Fillinghad family has been able to remain in contact with each other despite their geographical distance. There are now several websites where Fillinghad’s from all over the world can connect to join discussions, get in touch with other relatives, and stay up to date on family news. This has allowed the Fillinghad family to remain a strong, close-knit unit.

Variations of the surname Fillinghad

The surname Fillinghad can take various forms depending on where it is located. It is most commonly seen as Filligham, Fillingham, and Fillinghamm. In Germany it commonly appears as Fillinghamm, and Typaldos in Hungary. The spellings in North America can be different, appearing as Fillingham, Fillingim, Fillenham, Filligham, and Fillingam. This all derives from the Old English name Felhǣm, which was used in the Middle Ages.

Many of these variations are simply the result of language quirks, or differences in spelling rules in between countries, and should all be seen as referring to the same origin. This is why using alternate variants of Fillinghad can often be useful in making sure you don't miss any records you may be searching for.

The surname can also be seen in associated spellings, such asFilenham, Filligham, Fillenham, Fyllanham, Fylenham, Fylleham and Philenham. In Scotland, it can be seen as Filligem, Fillangim, Filgingham, and Fillinghame.

In Poland it has its own distinct spelling, usually appearing as Fylingaz.

In the early 19th century, the name was also adapted to other languages of Europe; in Belgium it was adapted to Fillingem, in Switzerland it was adapted to Fillengen, and in Norway it was adapted to Fillinghamb.

All of these spelled variants are related, and can be traced back to the same source. So if you are searching for someone of the Fillinghad surname, it's important to be aware of how it may have changed or evolved in various countries and languages.

Famous people with the name Fillinghad

  • Meg Fillingham: an American actress known for her roles in films and television series like “Desperate Housewives” and “Dirty Grandpa”.
  • Brock Fillingham: a professional American football player who played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • George Fillingham: an English footballer who played for Arsenal Football Club.
  • Robert Fillingham: an Australian athlete who won four gold medals in swimming events at the 1928 Summer Olympics.
  • Arthur Fillingham: an English cricketer who played for Worcestershire County Cricket Club.
  • Cindy Fillingham: an American country music singer and guitarist.
  • Ann Fillingham: an American illustrator and painter known for her work in creating storybook art.
  • Charles Fillingham: an Australian Roman Catholic priest and theological writer.
  • Wesley Fillingham: an American physician and medical researcher known for his contributions to the field of HIV/AIDS research.
  • Richard Fillingham: a British classical composer and conductor.

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