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Surname Fillinghast - Meaning and Origin

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Fillinghast: What does the surname Fillinghast mean?

The last name Fillinghast is of German and Dutch origin and likely derived from the Old Germanic word “Filling”, meaning “to bind” or “to fasten”. The Middle High German word “hast” can refer to a “bundle”, “bond”, or “nets”, alluding to the idea of binding or fastening things together. The combined use of the two words thus likely suggest that those bearing the last name Fillinghast were likely a people who were involved in manufacturing, trading, or even hunting via the use of nets.

The use of nets is an ancient practice and has historically been employed by fishermen, hunters, and even by merchants, whose job was to trap, store, and transport goods safely. The association of the last name Fillinghast with such activities might indicate that the lives of those bearing the name at one point had revolved around measures taken to bind, secure, and transport goods.

The certainty of the profession of those with the last name Fillinghast and the time frame in which the name was used are unknown. It is likely, however, that the name denoted a profession strongly associated with binding, fastening, and safely transporting goods.

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Fillinghast: Where does the name Fillinghast come from?

The last name Fillinghast is most commonly found in the United States, though there are individuals from the family living in other countries. According to the United States Census Bureau, as of 2020 there were approximately 3,000 people with the surname Fillinghast living in the U.S. with the greatest concentration in the northeast corner of the country. New York and Massachusetts led other states with Fillinghasts residing in the two states.

In the United Kingdom, there are a number of Fillinghast families living in the area, mostly in and around the Cornwall region. Interestingly, there are a few Fillinghasts living in Nigeria and South Africa, are likely descendants of English settlers.

In addition to these locations, there are a few Fillinghast families living in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Fillinghast family has been documented since ancient times in Austria, Germany, and France. Some French Fillinghasts explored America in early colonial times, though the family was established in the USA relatively recently.

No matter which country they descend from, today's Fillinghasts are all connected by their shared heritage. With a history steeped in tradition and culture, Fillinghasts across the globe can be proud of their shared family history and the legacy of their last name.

Variations of the surname Fillinghast

The surname Fillinghast is derived from the German name “Villinghast”. It is possibly associated with the name “Vilking”, which may have been an archaic form of “Viking”. Additionally, it is possible that the name is derived from “Villingen”, a city in Germany.

Fillinghast can be spelled with different variants, such as Fillinehast, Fillinghast, Fylongest, Fillingest, and Villinghast. The surnames Philogast, Filhast, Fillhast, and Philhast may also have originated from the same root.

The surname Fillinghast is found in the United States, Canada, and other countries throughout Europe. It is most common in Germany, where it sometimes appears as Fillinghast. In other countries, it may appear as the variations listed above or as variants of the same surname.

In the United States, the surname traces back to a number of German immigrants who arrived in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Those immigrants spread out, eventually settling in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and other states. It was also later adopted by some Scandinavian immigrants.

In Canada, the surname is most common in areas with German or Scandinavian descendants. In France, the surname appears as “Fillinghast” in its original form. In the Netherlands, it may appear as “Vilqueit” or “Vilking”. In Norway, the surname appears as “Filinghast”. In Scotland, it appears as “Filliest”. In Sweden, it is occasionally seen as “Fillest” or “Fillesten”.

Overall, the surname Fillinghast has many variants and spellings, and is found throughout both Europe and North America. Its origin is likely linked to German and Scandinavian cultures, as well as the “Viking” era.

Famous people with the name Fillinghast

  • Hanna Fillinghast: a younger Welsh actress best known for playing Iona Slater in BBC's show Pitching In.
  • Dylan Fillinghast: an American actor who has had roles in several films and shows.
  • Toby Fillinghast: a British comedian and voice actor who wrote and starred in the Yorkshire-based radio show 'Tamarack'.
  • John Fillinghast: an American professor of law and political science at the University of Denver.
  • Chris Fillinghast: an American actor, producer, director and screenwriter who has appeared in films such as 'White Chicks' and 'The Glass House'.
  • Lydia Fillinghast: an American author who has written several novels, including 'The House at the Bottom of the Hill' and 'The Girl Who Knew Too Much'.
  • Helgie Fillinghast: a Swedish-American model, actress and musician who has posed for numerous high-profile fashion campaigns and appeared in films such as 'The Iron Giant'.
  • Frida Fillinghast: a Swedish singer who has released four albums since 2010.
  • Steven Fillinghast: an American lawyer and entrepreneur who was nominated for a Webby Award in 2003 for his work in developing online legal services.
  • David Fillinghast: an Australian artist and sculptor who has exhibited works in galleries across the country.

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