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Surname Frade - Meaning and Origin

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Frade: What does the surname Frade mean?

The last name Frade is of Spanish origin and is typically seen in Spain and Latin American countries. The word "frade" translates to "friar" or "brother" in English, often referring to members of religious orders in the Roman Catholic Church. Friars were members of mendicant orders, who lived by begging for alms. They were similar to monks but were more active in the world, commonly working among laypeople. Adopting such a surname might have denoted a familial connection with the church or religious service, or could have been a form of ecclesiastical occupation to honor their religious devotion. These types of surnames, based on religious vocations, were typically assigned during the Middle Ages. It's also possible that it was given to someone who resembled a friar in some way. However, surname meanings can vary within different regional and cultural contexts, and they can also evolve over time. Therefore, it is hard to determine the exact meaning or origin without tracing an individual family history.

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Frade: Where does the name Frade come from?

The last name Frade is of Spanish origin. It seems to have originated from the northern regions of Spain, particularly in the autonomous community of Galicia. The surname Frade, also known as Frades, was first found in the medieval kingdom of Galicia, where the name became a significant part of the region’s genealogical heritage. It might have been derived from the old Spanish word "frade", meaning “Friar” or “Brother,” thereby indicating that the original bearer of the name could have been a friar or a religious brother.

Frade is a fairly common surname in several countries today, particularly in Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions. It is most prevalent in Brazil, followed by Spain and Portugal. The surname Frade is also found in moderate numbers in the United States, Argentina, France, and South Africa.

Variations of the surname Frade

The surname Frade is of Spanish and Portuguese origin. It primarily originated in Galicia in northwestern Spain and in Portugal. The surname's literal meaning can be traced back to the word for 'friar' in both Spanish and Portuguese languages.

Some of the variant spellings of Frade include Frades, Frede, Fredes, and Phrade. Certain derivations can also include related names such as Freire. In some cases, like many Spanish and Portuguese surnames, Frade may also be preceded by "De" or "del," (e.g., De Frade, Del Frade) indicating geographical origin or family connection.

There are also related surnames that may not be exact spellings but share the same origin or meaning. Like Frade, the surname Fraile carries a similar meaning which translates to 'friar' or 'monk'. Similarly, Fray is another surname that also means 'friar'. Therefore, these names could potentially share a similar historical background.

As with any surname, tracing the exact origin and evolution of Frade and its variants requires specific genealogical research. However, keep in mind that the specific spelling and variant can change dramatically based on geographical location, language, and regional dialects.

Famous people with the name Frade

  • Antonio Frade Díaz: a Spanish music producer, arranger, and composer.
  • David Frade: a Venezuelan professional baseball infielder.
  • Eduardo Frade: a Brazilian footballer.
  • Elena Frade: a Spanish aerobatic pilot.
  • Fabián Frade: a Chilean footballer.
  • Franco Frade: a Portuguese footballer.
  • Gloria Frade: a Spanish international synchronised swimmer.
  • Juanma Frade: a Spanish professional tennis player.
  • Miguel Frade: a Spanish sprint runner.
  • Noelia Frade: a Spanish Olympic freestyle swimmer.
  • Pablo Frade: a Spanish motorsport driver.
  • Romilio Frade: a Brazilian Olympic boxer.
  • Santiago Frade: an Argentine semi-professional cyclist.
  • Sergio Frade: a Spanish footballer.
  • Víctor Frade: a Brazilian footballer.

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