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Surname Frada - Meaning and Origin

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Frada: What does the surname Frada mean?

The last name Frada is of Czech origin and is believed to be derived from the word 'fradel', which is a diminutive of the Czech name 'Frantisek'. The name suggests that the person with the last name Frada was the son or descendant of a man with the given name Frantisek.

The surname can be found throughout the Czech Republic, as well as other parts of Central and Eastern Europe. In the United States, it is most commonly found in Pennsylvania, Texas and California, where it is believed to have been brought over by immigrants.

The literal translation of Frada is 'a free man'. This could mean that a person with this surname is of noble or royal descent, or that they are very independent and self-sufficient. The surname conjures up a sense of strength and nobility, which could also suggest that the bearer is a hardworking individual, reliable in their duties and able to take on even the most challenging tasks.

Ultimately, the meaning of the surname Frada is unique to the individual who bears it, but its origins are rooted in Czech culture and can offer insight to the character of the man who carries this name.

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Frada: Where does the name Frada come from?

The surname Frada is most commonly found in Central and Southern Europe, particularly in Croatia, Italy, and Portugal. The highest concentration of individuals with the surname Frada is currently in Croatia, where the name was first established in the middle of the 12th century.

The earliest recorded surname holders in Croatia appear to have been the Franconian families from Bohemia who settled in Croatia in the late 11th and early 12th centuries. These families are likely the source of the surname Frada, which is derived from a Germanic personal name composed of the Old Germanic elements “fridu” (peace) and “rad” (counselor).

In Italy, records of the surname Frada appear dating back to the 14th century in many of the large urban centers such as Rome, Milan, and Venice. Documentation suggests the name may have been brought to Italy by refugees from Croatia fleeing religious persecution or with noble families from France, Austria, or other parts of Central Europe.

Modern day Fradas can also be found in Spanish speaking countries such as Argentina and Brazil, where thousands of Croats relocated to after the Second World War.

Regardless of its origins or current locations, one thing is clear: the surname Frada is a timeless reminder of the enduring strength and resilience of the individuals who carried it down through the ages.

Variations of the surname Frada

The surname Frada has several variants, spellings, and surnames of similar origin. The most common variant of this surname is Frade, which is the Spanish spelling of the name. Other Spanish spelling variants include Fraza, Freide, Freda, Fredes, Freza, and Frias. In Portuguese, this surname is spelled Frada.

In some cases, the surname Frada has been Anglicized to Fred, which is a more commonly used version of the surname. Other variants include Fry, Frye, Fryer, Freda, and Frydman.

The common alternative surnames for Frada include Fradi, Friada, Fried, Freide, Friedrich, and Fredrich. There are also various other surnames that have similar origins, such as Freidman, Friedmann, Fredheim, and Fridman.

It is important to note that the surnames Frada, Freide, Freide, and Freide are all variants of the same name, as they are derived from the same root word, the Latin word frid, which means “peace”. This is why this surname is often associated with the peace-loving characteristics of its bearers.

Though Frada is a relatively rare surname, it has become popularly associated with strong personal identities, as well as those who seek peace and justice. This is due to the positive connotations associated with the latin root frid, which is also the root word for the French word frédéric, which means peaceful and powerful. As such, this surname continues to carry a sense of strength and independence to its bearers.

Famous people with the name Frada

  • Marisol Frada: Spanish actress and fashion model.
  • Jean-Paul Frada: French actor and theater director.
  • Vincent Frada: French composer and jazz musician.
  • Violetta Frada: Venezuelan actress and dancer.
  • André Frada: Brazilian singer, songwriter, pianist, and record producer.
  • Juliette Frada: French author, actress, and playwright.
  • Greta Frada: Swiss author, actress, and activist.
  • Martin Frada: Czech guitarist and singer-songwriter.
  • Max Frada: German abstract painter.
  • François Frada: French film producer and screenwriter.
  • Paul Frada: Canadian sculptor, painter, and installation artist.
  • Federico Frada: Spanish sculptor and muralist.
  • Peter Frada: Czech writer and philosopher.
  • Joaquin Frada: Spanish poet and novelist.
  • Sophie Frada: French painter and sculptor.
  • Shannon Frada: American abstract painter and printmaker.
  • Raúl Frada: Argentinian violinist and composer.
  • Maxime Frada: Swiss tenor and baritone.
  • Raul Frada: Cuban-American visual artist.
  • Mariana Frada: Chilean singer.

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