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Surname Gaberov - Meaning and Origin

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Gaberov: What does the surname Gaberov mean?

The last name Gaberov is of Slavic origin, specifically from the Russian language. It is derived from the word “gaber,” which means “pillar” or “column.” It is believed that the originality of the name originated when there was a need to differentiate families from one another. The family name Gaberov would have been taken on to signify a family’s financial success, power, as well as to create a unique identity for the family.

Today, the Gaberov family is spread throughout the world, from Russia to the United States and Canada. The generations of Gaberovs have made an impact wherever they’ve gone, from business and commerce to philanthropy and politics. From an entrepreneurial and industrious start, the Gaberovs have become well-respected entrepreneurs, academics, artists, politicians, and more, all while fostering a strong sense of family legacy.

The Gaberov family name has come to signify strength, resilience, and a commitment to success. Having descended from the Pillars of the family, this has continued to be a driving force behind the members of the Gaberov family.

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Gaberov: Where does the name Gaberov come from?

The last name Gaberov is a relatively rare occurrence today. The majority of Gaberovs with this surname live in Russia, though there are also some Gaberovs living in Ukraine and Belarus. Approximately four thousand Gaberovs are currently living in Russia, comprising of around 0.0003% of the population, mostly living in the southern regions.

The specific origin of the Gaberov surname is unknown, though it is believed to have derived from eastern European geographical regions. It has been suggested that the name is possibly derived from the Gabrian people, a group of Proto-Slavic and Baltic ethnicities.

Outside of eastern Europe, the last name Gaberov is also present in South Africa. Approximately sixty people with this surname reside in South Africa, likely the descendants of eastern European immigrants who migrated to the former British colony in the mid-19th century.

Additionally, though not substantial, there are a few Gaberovs living in the United States, with California, Florida, and New York having a larger population. As of 2021, there are about two hundred Gaberovs living in the US.

Overall, despite infrequent occurrences, the last name Gaberov remains present in many countries, with the majority located in Eastern Europe.

Variations of the surname Gaberov

The surname Gaberov is of Bulgarian origin. It is spelt in many variants, some of which are Gavarov, Gaberoff, Gaberova, Gavaroff, Gavarova, Gabaroff, Gavroff, Gabroff, Gavarof, Gavurin and Gavorin.

Gaberov is a patronymic surname which stands for what is known as the patronymic nomenclature of the Bulgarians, Russians and many other nearby countries. Patronymic nomenclature is the practice of signifying a person's naming of their father as a surname or lastname. In this case "Gaberov" is derived from the given name "Gavo", meaning "son of Gavo" or Gavo's son/child.

The "v" ending may also indicate a female form of the name, signifying daughter or son of Gavo. Expanding on the root of Gaberov, other variants of the surname are derived from the given names which can be shortened forms of Gavo. Such variants exist to be Gav, Gavo and Gab.

Variants of the surname can be found in other countries, partly due to migration of people. These variants include Gaberowski, Gaberowsky, Gabrilevski, Gavrislavsky and Gabrislavski. In Latvia and Lithuania, the variant Gabrislavskis is common.

Additionally, the surname Gabor, a variant of Gaberov, is also of Bulgarian origin and can be found in most parts of Europe. This variant is also of patronymic origin and is the Hungarian form of Gaberov, with its roots in the given name Gavrilo.

In conclusion, the surname Gaberov and its variants are derived from the given name Gavo and the patronymic nomenclature of Bulgarians, Russians and many other nearby countries. The variants are derived from shortenings of the given name Gavo or root words in other languages, and the surname can be found in mostly European countries due to migration. The surname is also the root of the patronymic form, Gabor, which is especially present in Hungary.

Famous people with the name Gaberov

  • Strahil Gaberov: Bulgarian composer from Burgas
  • Petar Gaberov: Bulgarian political activist
  • Todor Gaberov: retired Bulgarian footballer
  • Stoyan Gaberov: Bulgarian voice actor
  • Ivan Gaberov: former Bulgarian athlete and coach
  • Velislava Gaberova: Bulgarian pianist and stage actress
  • Grigor Gaberov: Bulgarian politician
  • Emil Gaberov: Bulgarian music producer and DJ
  • Bozhidar Gaberov: Bulgarian theater director
  • Simeon Gaberov: former Bulgarian diplomat

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